Qing Tang

According to our database1, Qing Tang authored at least 45 papers between 1994 and 2021.

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Modeling and Development of Operation Guidelines for Leader-Follower Autonomous Truck-Mounted Attenuator Vehicles.
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Effects of application height and crosswind on the crop spraying performance of unmanned helicopters.
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Automatic motion planning for complex welding problems by considering angular redundancy.
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High-accuracy, high-resolution downwash flow field measurements of an unmanned helicopter for precision agriculture.
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Numerical simulation of the downwash flow field and droplet movement from an unmanned helicopter for crop spraying.
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A Re-Ranking Algorithm for Identifying Influential Nodes in Complex Networks.
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Coordinated Intersection Signal Design for Mixed Traffic Flow of Human-Driven and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.
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Occluded Object Classification with Assistant Unit.
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Research on the optimisation of flight landing scheduling with multi-runway.
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VFFDT: A New Software for Preparing AMBER Force Field Parameters for Metal-Containing Molecular Systems.
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