Dan Zhu

According to our database1, Dan Zhu authored at least 61 papers between 1997 and 2019.

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Influencing factors analysis and modeling of hospital-acquired infection in elderly patients.
J. Comb. Optim., 2019

Trustworthy and profit: A new value-based neighbor selection method in recommender systems under shilling attacks.
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Multigrid Backprojection Super-Resolution and Deep Filter Visualization.
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Artsy-GAN: A style transfer system with improved quality, diversity and performance.
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Achieve Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Medical Primary Diagnosis Based on kNN.
Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks, 2018

Multi-scale Recursive and Perception-Distortion Controllable Image Super-Resolution.
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Deep Networks for Image-to-Image Translation with Mux and Demux Layers.
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Automatic Time Picking for Microseismic Data Based on a Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm.
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An exact method for the sensitivity analysis of systems simulated by rejection techniques.
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Reputation in an open source software community: Antecedents and impacts.
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Linearized phase-modulated analog photonic link based on optical carrier band processing.
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3/4G multi-system of indoor coverage problems location analysis and application.
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Using LAU information in mobile communication for high-speed user selection.
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Rating Fraud Detection - Towards Designing a Trustworthy Reputation Systems.
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Do You Need to Pay For Online Community: A Comparison Study.
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An Evidence-Based Analysis for Liver Transplants: Insights for Organ Allocation Policy.
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A compact UHF bandpass filter with high stopband rejection based on multilayer LTCC technology.
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Measuring Similarity Based on Link Information: A Comparative Study.
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The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck-Type Model with a Hybrid Dividend Strategy.
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An integrated e-service model for electronic medical records.
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A new pruning method for resolving conflicts in actionable behavioral rules.
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A Theoretical Exploration for Supply Chain Leagility Capability.
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Terrain simplification from grid DEMs based on spatial autocorrelation.
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Application specified soft error failure rate analysis using sequential equivalence checking techniques.
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Understanding Factors Influencing Users' Retweeting Behavior - A Theoretical Perspective.
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Two New Prediction-Driven Approaches to Discrete Choice Prediction.
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A New Approach to Testing Nomological Validity and Its Application to a Second-Order Measurement Model of Trust.
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When Costs Are Unequal and Unknown: A Subtree Grafting Approach for Unbalanced Data Classification.
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Object technology software selection: a case study.
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The effect of spinning missile on the position calculating of the reticle infrared detecting system.
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A hybrid approach for efficient ensembles.
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An Approximate Soft Error Reliability Sorting Approach Based on State Analysis of Sequential Circuits.
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On Soft Error Immunity of Sequential Circuits.
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Analytical Competition for Managing Customer Relations.
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Identity disclosure protection: A data reconstruction approach for privacy-preserving data mining.
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Cell affinity of PHBV thin films evaluated by a parallel plate flow chamber.
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Time-line based model for software project scheduling with genetic algorithms.
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A Comparison and Scenario Analysis of Leading Data Mining Software.
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2D Decomposition Sequential Equivalence Checking of System Level and RTL Descriptions.
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