Mandar Datar

Orcid: 0000-0002-0700-3816

  • INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, Valbonne, France
  • University of Avignon, France

According to our database1, Mandar Datar authored at least 25 papers between 2013 and 2024.

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Python-based DSL for generating Verilog model of Synchronous Digital Circuits.
CoRR, 2024

Strategic Resource Pricing and Allocation in a 5G Network Slicing Stackelberg Game.
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Fisher Market Model based Resource Allocation for 5G Network Slicing.
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Learning Market Equilibria Using Performative Prediction: Balancing Efficiency and Privacy.
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The Mask Game with Multiple Populations.
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Single Storage Semi-Global Matching for Real Time Depth Processing.
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