Qi Dai

According to our database1, Qi Dai authored at least 62 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Mapping Essential Urban Land Use Categories in Beijing with a Fast Area of Interest (AOI)-Based Method.
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iMPTCE-Hnetwork: A Multilabel Classifier for Identifying Metabolic Pathway Types of Chemicals and Enzymes with a Heterogeneous Network.
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A Novel Meibomian Gland Morphology Analytic System Based on a Convolutional Neural Network.
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Improving the accuracy and speed of choice in human-computer interactions via a subliminal priming effect.
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Temporal Action Detection with Multi-level Supervision.
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Towards a Systematic Computational Framework for Modeling Multi-Agent Decision-Making at Micro Level for Smart Vehicles in a Smart World.
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Reinforcing Short-Length Hashing.
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Prediction of High-Risk Types of Human Papillomaviruses Using Reduced Amino Acid Modes.
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2SigFinder: the combined use of small-scale and large-scale statistical testing for genomic island detection from a single genome.
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RaaMLab: A MATLAB toolbox that generates amino acid groups and reduced amino acid modes.
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Developing Customizable Cancer Information Extraction Modules for Pathology Reports Using CLAMP.
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Deep Incremental Hashing Network for Efficient Image Retrieval.
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基于粒计算的极限学习机模型设计与应用 (Design and Application of Extreme Learning Machine Model Based on Granular Computing).
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Mining electronic health record data to detect drug-repurposing signals for cancers.
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Beauty is here: evaluating aesthetics in videos using multimodal features and free training data.
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Fudan at MediaEval 2013: Violent Scenes Detection Using Motion Features and Part-Level Attributes.
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Fast Semantic Diffusion for Large-Scale Context-Based Image and Video Annotation.
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Super-fair Platforms Widely Hidden in Multinational Securities Business.
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