Fei Ye

According to our database1, Fei Ye authored at least 52 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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Prediction-Based Eco-Approach and Departure at Signalized Intersections With Speed Forecasting on Preceding Vehicles.
IEEE Trans. Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2019

Optimal online channel strategies for a hotel considering direct booking and cooperation with an online travel agent.
ITOR, 2019

Optimal overbooking decision for a "Hotel + OTA" dual-channel supply chain.
ITOR, 2019

A comparison of the merchant and agency models in the hotel industry.
ITOR, 2019

H 2 input load disturbance rejection controller design for synchronised output regulation of time-delayed multi-agent systems with frequency domain method.
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Mechanisms of Collaboration in the Hotel Supply Chain: Two-Stage Ordering Contract and Option Contract.
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Managing bioethanol supply chain resiliency: a risk-sharing model to mitigate yield uncertainty risk.
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Similarity/dissimilarity analysis of protein structures based on Markov random fields.
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Development and Evaluation of Lane Hazard Prediction Application for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs).
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Parameter estimation of MC-CDMA signals based on modified cyclic autocorrelation.
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A hybrid approach to estimating electric vehicle energy consumption for ecodriving applications.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2016

My Cancer Genome: Evaluating an Educational Model to Introduce Patients and Caregivers to Precision Medicine Information.
Proceedings of the Summit on Clinical Research Informatics, 2016

Fuzzy Lyapunov synthesis control of an underactuated 2DTORA system.
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, 2015

Towards the prediction problems of bursting hashtags on Twitter.
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Optimal lead time policy for short life cycle products under Conditional Value-at-Risk criterion.
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Multi-objective particle swarm optimization based reactive power coordination control strategy for wind farms.
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Frequency-Shifted Interferometry - A Versatile Fiber-Optic Sensing Technique.
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An extended TOPSIS model based on the Possibility theory under fuzzy environment.
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Dynamical Analysis and Stabilizing Control of Inclined Rotational Translational Actuator Systems.
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Construction of an Experimental Chemistry Platform at Agricultural University.
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Implementation and evaluation of an integrated computerized asthma management system in a pediatric emergency department: A randomized clinical trial.
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Three-stage quality control strategies for DNA re-sequencing data.
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Antecedents and Outcome of Information Sharing in Supply Chain.
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Predicting bursts and popularity of hashtags in real-time.
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Libra: Divide and Conquer to Verify Forwarding Tables in Huge Networks.
Proceedings of the 11th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, 2014

A survey on the use of graphical passwords in security.
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A quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study on the hydrolysis mechanism of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1.
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, 2013

An asthma management system in a pediatric emergency department.
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Modeling time-dependent overdispersion in longitudinal count data.
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Effects of information technology alignment and information sharing on supply chain operational performance.
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Moduli spaces of arrangements of 10 projective lines with quadruple points.
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An Adaptive Linear Element Based Method for Identification of Linear Parameter Varying Models.
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Real-time TV logo detection based on color and HOG features.
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Multiple password interference in graphical passwords.
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Supply chain coordination with controllable lead time and asymmetric information.
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The Study on Energy Consumption and Pollutant Emission of Civil Vehicles in Beijing.
Proceedings of the Modeling Risk Management in Sustainable Construction, 2011

Spatio-temporal ecological models.
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Supply chain coordination model with controllable lead time and service level constraint.
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A Stackelberg single-period supply chain inventory model with weighted possibilistic mean values under fuzzy environment.
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Spherical interpolation over graphic processing units.
Proceedings of the 2011 Second International Workshop on High Performance and Distributed Geographic Information Systems, 2011

Investigations on combined XPM and FWM effects on optical pulse propagation in dynamic IP traffic over WDM networks.
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Rate Minimaxity of the Lasso and Dantzig Selector for the lq Loss in lr Balls.
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An extended TOPSIS method with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers for virtual enterprise partner selection.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2010

Modelling the riparian vegetation evolution due to flow regulation of Lijiang River by unstructured cellular automata.
Ecological Informatics, 2010

Cost allocation model for optimizing supply chain inventory with controllable lead time.
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Group multi-attribute decision model to partner selection in the formation of virtual enterprise under incomplete information.
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Next-generation PONs: A performance investigation of candidate architectures for next-generation access stage 1.
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