Sanne Abeln

According to our database1, Sanne Abeln authored at least 25 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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The hydrophobic effect characterises the thermodynamic signature of amyloid fibril growth.
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Protein Three-Dimensional Structure Prediction.
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SeRenDIP: SEquential REmasteriNg to DerIve profiles for fast and accurate predictions of PPI interface positions.
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Tailor-made multiple sequence alignments using the PRALINE 2 alignment toolkit.
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Motif-Aware PRALINE: Improving the alignment of motif regions.
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Training for translation between disciplines: a philosophy for life and data sciences curricula.
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metaModules identifies key functional subnetworks in microbiome-related disease.
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ECCB 2016: The 15th European Conference on Computational Biology.
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BioASF: a framework for automatically generating executable pathway models specified in BioPAX.
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The Hydrophobic Temperature Dependence of Amino Acids Directly Calculated from Protein Structures.
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NGS-eval: NGS Error analysis and novel sequence VAriant detection tooL.
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To SCRY Linked Data: Extending SPARQL the Easy Way.
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Explaining disease using big data: How valid is your pathway?
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