Qi Jiang

According to our database1, Qi Jiang authored at least 39 papers between 1993 and 2019.

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QoS-Guaranteed Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation for Mobile Multiuser Scalable Video Streaming.
IEEE Wireless Commun. Letters, 2019

UAV-Based Biomass Estimation for Rice-Combining Spectral, TIN-Based Structural and Meteorological Features.
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Robot skill acquisition in assembly process using deep reinforcement learning.
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Egocentric network focused community aware multicast routing for DTNs.
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Energy-Efficient Traffic Rate Adaptation for Wireless Streaming Media Transmission.
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Integrated Authentication and Key Agreement Framework for Vehicular Cloud Computing.
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A receiver position estimation scheme in wireless power transfer system.
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Implementation of a High-Precision and Wide-Range Time-to-Digital Converter With Three-Level Conversion Scheme.
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A hybrid time-to-digital converter based on residual time extraction and amplification.
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Energy-Efficient Adaptive Transmission of Scalable Video Streaming in Cognitive Radio Communications.
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Dynamic power management strategies for a sensor node optimised by reinforcement learning.
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Global Exponential Stability of Almost Periodic Solution for Neutral-Type Cohen-Grossberg Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Distributed Delays and Impulses.
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Energy-Efficient Adaptive Rate Control for Streaming Media Transmission Over Cognitive Radio.
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Robust dual-direction SCR with low trigger voltage, tunable holding voltage for high-voltage ESD protection.
Microelectronics Reliability, 2015

Design and analyze of transient-induced latch-up in RS485 transceiver with on-chip TVS.
Microelectronics Reliability, 2015

Improving Service to Accumulate Recreation Specialization Capital.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Robot, Vision and Signal Processing, 2015

Managing Private Cars Usage from the Perspective of Owners.
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Long-term evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced activities in small cell networks.
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Joint Power Allocation and Subchannel-Pairing for Two-Way MIMO-OFDM Relay System.
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Joint Carrier Frequency Offset and Channel Estimation for Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative OFDM System.
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Dynamic clothing collision resolution using PSO.
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Security Analysis of the Newest ID-Transfer Scheme for Low-Cost RFID Tags.
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A Novel Downlink Resource Scheduling Scheme for Relay Enhanced Cellular Network.
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Adaptive Optimization of Time-out Policy for Dynamic Power Management Based on SMCP.
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Speech Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Modulation Scale for Robust Speech Recognition.
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Societal and technological problems of computer use in industry.
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