Wei Niu

According to our database1, Wei Niu authored at least 34 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Attentional Speech Recognition Models Misbehave on Out-of-domain Utterances.
CoRR, 2020

BLK-REW: A Unified Block-based DNN Pruning Framework using Reweighted Regularization Method.
CoRR, 2020

An Image Enhancing Pattern-based Sparsity for Real-time Inference on Mobile Devices.
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PatDNN: Achieving Real-Time DNN Execution on Mobile Devices with Pattern-based Weight Pruning.
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Analysis of Snapback Repellers Using Methods of Symbolic Computation.
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PCONV: The Missing but Desirable Sparsity in DNN Weight Pruning for Real-time Execution on Mobile Devices.
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26ms Inference Time for ResNet-50: Towards Real-Time Execution of all DNNs on Smartphone.
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Algebraic approach to chaos induced by snapback repeller.
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DNA as features: organic software product lines.
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User-aware partitioning algorithm for mobile cloud computing based on maximum graph cuts.
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Crowdsourced App Review Manipulation.
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Facilitating professionals' work-based learning with context-aware mobile system.
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Analysis of codimension 2 bifurcations for high-dimensional discrete systems using symbolic computation methods.
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Discovering What You're Known For: A Contextual Poisson Factorization Approach.
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