Wenlong Chen

According to our database1, Wenlong Chen authored at least 45 papers between 2011 and 2021.

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Spatio-Temporal Reachable Area Calculation Based on Urban Traffic Data.
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DP-GMM clustering-based ensemble learning prediction methodology for dam deformation considering spatiotemporal differentiation.
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Blending Advertising with Organic Content in E-Commerce: A Virtual Bids Optimization Approach.
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Influence of Pd Clusters Doping on Gas Sensing Properties of TiO₂(101) Nanotubes to SF₆ Decomposition Products.
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DQ-MOTAG: Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Moving Target Defense Against DDoS Attacks.
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An improved modeling for life prediction of high-power white LED based on Weibull right approximation method.
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An improved Douglas-Peucker algorithm aimed at simplifying natural shoreline into direction-line.
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