Xiaodong Deng

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According to our database1, Xiaodong Deng authored at least 49 papers between 1999 and 2024.

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FAM-Former: Global Transformer and Feature Aggregation Module for Knee MRI Age Estimation.
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Disaggregation of remote sensing and model-based data for 1 km daily seamless soil moisture.
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Merging Microwave, Optical, and Reanalysis Data for 1 Km Daily Soil Moisture by Triple Collocation.
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Hierarchical Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving in Large-Scale Complex Scenarios.
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M6: A Chinese Multimodal Pretrainer.
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The impact of organisational support, technical support, and self-efficacy on faculty perceived benefits of using learning management system.
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A 10 to 170 GHz distributed amplifier using 130-nm SiGe HBTs.
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Predicting high cost patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using hospital databases in a multi-ethnic Asian population.
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A de-identification tool for users in medical operations and public health.
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Media Reinforcement for Psychological Empowerment in Chronic Disease Management.
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A 340 GHz fully integrated transmitter for high-speed communications.
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The impact of faculty perceived reconfigurability of learning management systems on effective teaching practices.
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A Novel Information Search and Recommendation Services Platform Based on an Indexing Network (Short Paper).
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