Xiaoyong Wei

Orcid: 0000-0002-5706-5177

According to our database1, Xiaoyong Wei authored at least 62 papers between 2005 and 2024.

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Towards Bridged Vision and Language: Learning Cross-Modal Knowledge Representation for Relation Extraction.
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Design and Compensation Control of Modular Variable Stiffness Continuum Manipulator for Nasal Surgery.
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A Survey on Personalized Content Synthesis with Diffusion Models.
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Generative Active Learning for Image Synthesis Personalization.
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A Picture Is Worth a Graph: Blueprint Debate on Graph for Multimodal Reasoning.
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Instruct Once, Chat Consistently in Multiple Rounds: An Efficient Tuning Framework for Dialogue.
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Region Attentive Action Unit Intensity Estimation With Uncertainty Weighted Multi-Task Learning.
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Untargeted Black-box Attacks for Social Recommendations.
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Empowering Molecule Discovery for Molecule-Caption Translation with Large Language Models: A ChatGPT Perspective.
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Open-Scenario Domain Adaptive Object Detection in Autonomous Driving.
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A multi-scale multi-attention network for dynamic facial expression recognition.
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Deep learning-based person re-identification methods: A survey and outlook of recent works.
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Indicative Image Retrieval: Turning Blackbox Learning into Grey.
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Conceptor Learning for Class Activation Mapping.
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Identifying the kind behind SMILES - anatomical therapeutic chemical classification using structure-only representations.
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Deep learning-based person re-identification methods: A survey and outlook of recent works.
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Global-Local Dynamic Feature Alignment Network for Person Re-Identification.
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M5Product: A Multi-modal Pretraining Benchmark for E-commercial Product Downstream Tasks.
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MDA-GCNFTG: identifying miRNA-disease associations based on graph convolutional networks via graph sampling through the feature and topology graph.
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A Piezoelectric Tactile Sensor for Tissue Stiffness Detection with Arbitrary Contact Angle.
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Development of a variable-stiffness and shape-detection manipulator based on low-melting-point-alloy for minimally invasive surgery.
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ParNet: Position-aware Aggregated Relation Network for Image-Text matching.
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A Piezoelectric Tactile Sensor and Human-inspired Tactile Exploration Strategy for Lump Palpation in Tele-operative Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery.
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Healthism@MediaEval 2019 - Insights for Wellbeing Task: Factors Related to Subjective and Objective Health.
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