Zheng Xiao

According to our database1, Zheng Xiao authored at least 32 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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A novel heuristic algorithm with activity back-shift response model for resource-constrained project scheduling problem.
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A rapid virtual assembly approach for 3D models of production line equipment based on the smart recognition of assembly features.
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A Correlation-Experience-Demand Based Personalized Knowledge Recommendation Approach.
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Improving the Performance of Sentiment Classification on Imbalanced Datasets With Transfer Learning.
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Using convolution control block for Chinese sentiment analysis.
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Single image super resolution by multichannel densely connected convolutional network.
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An effective application of 3D cloud printing service quality evaluation in BM-MOPSO.
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Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Based on Feature Selection and Recurrent Neural Network.
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Optimization of Data Allocation on CMP Embedded System with Data Migration.
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Self-adaptation and mutual adaptation for distributed scheduling in benevolent clouds.
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A parallel k-means clustering algorithm based on redundance elimination and extreme points optimization employing MapReduce.
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Learning non-cooperative game for load balancing under self-interested distributed environment.
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Planar-Based Visual Positioning for a Mobile Robot with Monocular Vision.
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Special issue: ICNC-FSKD 2015.
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A Novel Parallel LSA-SVM Algorithm Based on Semantic Distance for Blog.
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Unique on the Road: Re-identification of Vehicular Location-Based Metadata.
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Optimization of parallel algorithm for Kalman filter on CPU-GPU heterogeneous system.
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Iterative sparse matrix-vector multiplication on in-memory cluster computing accelerated by GPUs for big data.
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DualTable: A hybrid storage model for update optimization in Hive.
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Proactive scheduling in distributed computing - A reinforcement learning approach.
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An analytical approach to customer requirement information processing.
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A method for determining customer requirement weights based on TFMF and TLR.
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DGFIndex: a hive multidimensional range index for smart meter big data.
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Queue reorganization for subscription congestion avoidance in publish/subscribe systems.
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Queue Reorganization for Subscription Congestion Avoidance in Publish/Subscribe Systems.
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Probabilistic Scheduling Based on Queueing Model for Multi-user Network Applications.
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Distance-Dependent Head-Related Transfer Functions Measured With High Spatial Resolution Using a Spark Gap.
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Real-time Detection of Dynamic Obstacle Using Laser Radar.
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O2-DN: An Overlay-based Distributed Rate Limit Framework to Defeat DDoS Attacks.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Networking and the International Conference on Systems (ICN / ICONS / MCL 2006), 2006