L. Wang

According to our database1, L. Wang authored at least 88 papers between 1992 and 2019.

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Angular Learning: Toward Discriminative Embedded Features.
CoRR, 2019

Distributed Control of Linear Multi-Channel Systems.
CoRR, 2019

Improving the Performance of Sentiment Classification on Imbalanced Datasets With Transfer Learning.
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Asymmetric resistive switching behaviour in a Au/a-C: Co/Au planar structure.
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VDMOSFET HEF degradation modelling considering turn-around phenomenon.
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Completing the spectrum of almost resolvable cycle systems with odd cycle length.
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A note on the Hamilton-Waterloo problem with C8-factors and Cm-factors.
Discret. Math., 2018

Energy balance analysis and control for boost converters.
Proceedings of the IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Beijing, China, October 29, 2017

Reconstruction and imaging of intracerebral hemorrhage by electrical impedance tomography.
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Switching Control of Buck Converter Based on Energy Conservation Principle.
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Selection of Multi-Genre Broadcast Data for the Training of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems.
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Thermal performance of CoolCube™ monolithic and TSV-based 3D integration processes.
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Production data analytics for production scheduling.
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Estimating mixed-effects differential equation models.
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Measurement and analysis of substrate leakage current of RF mems capacitive switches.
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GI/Geom/1 queue based on communication model for mesh networks.
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The application of componentised modelling techniques to catastrophe model generation.
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Strong convergence theorems for Bregman totally quasi-asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in reflexive Banach spaces.
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Flexibility and Circuit Overheads in Reconfigurable SIMD/MIMD Systems.
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Noninvasive determination of absorption and reduced scattering coefficients of adult heads by time-resolved reflectance measurements for functional near infra-red spectroscopy.
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Split feasibility problem for quasi-nonexpansive multi-valued mappings and total asymptotically strict pseudo-contractive mapping.
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Diamagnetic Levitation Causes Changes in the Morphology, Cytoskeleton, and Focal Adhesion Proteins Expression in Osteocytes.
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Some issues of biometrics: technology intelligence, progress and challenges.
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Dissipativity of θ-methods for a class of nonlinear neutral delay integro-differential equations.
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A New Data Rate Adaption Communications Scheme for Code-Shifted differential Chaos Shift Keying Modulation.
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Probabilistic interconnection between interdependent networks promotes cooperation in the public goods game
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Feature-Preserving Reconstruction of Singular Surfaces.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2012

Vibration analysis of three-dimensional pipes conveying fluid with consideration of steady combined force by transfer matrix method.
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Demiclosed principle and Δ-convergence theorems for total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spaces.
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Field programmable SONOS ESD protection design.
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Towards context-adaptable Web service policies.
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The agile improvement of MMORPGs based on the enhanced chaotic neural network.
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A Novel Differential Chaos Shift Keying Modulation Scheme.
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Modular Development of Product Service Systems.
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Application of the differential transformation method to vibration analysis of pipes conveying fluid.
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Evaluation of a novel cardiac output index on healthy elderly, cardiovascular and heart failure patients during dynamic exercise.
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RFID-empowered monitoring and controlling for advanced manufacturing.
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A deterministic way of planning and controlling biped walking of LOCH humanoid robot.
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RFID-driven global supply chain and management.
IJCAT, 2009

Representing geographical objects with scale-induced indeterminate boundaries: A neural network-based data model.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2009

The existence of HGDDs with block size four and its application to double frames.
Discret. Math., 2009

On Modular Products Development.
Concurrent Engineering: R&A, 2009

Integration of CAD and boundary element analysis through subdivision methods.
Comput. Ind. Eng., 2009

A DE-based approach to no-wait flow-shop scheduling.
Comput. Ind. Eng., 2009

Mixed Pixel Analysis for Flood Mapping Using Extended Support Vector Machine.
Proceedings of the DICTA 2009, 2009

A Field Programmable Analogue ASIC towards Low Power Processing-on-Node BSNs.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, 2009

A Pilot Study on BSN-Based Ubiquitous Energy Expenditure Monitoring.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, 2009

Techniques for dual forms of Reed-Muller expansion conversion.
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Subdivision-based integration of geometric design and finite element mesh generation for sheet metal structures.
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A spatially constrained clustering program for river valley segment delineation from GIS digital river networks.
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Collaborative Project Management with Supplier Involvement.
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Design of Dexterous Arm-Hand for Human-Assisted Manipulation.
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Grids at 4300 meters over the sea level: argo on EUChinaGrid.
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A solution for data transfer and processing using a grid approach.
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Extraction of moving human objects from their background using Bi-thresholding and boundary evaluation.
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Behaviour Profiling with Ambient and Wearable Sensing.
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Visible blind p+-π-n--n+ ultraviolet photodetectors based on 4H-SiC homoepilayers.
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A local search method for permutation flow shop scheduling.
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An efficient method for identifying and filling surface depressions in digital elevation models for hydrologic analysis and modelling.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2006

Distance distribution of nodes in star graphs.
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Exploring the Fourth Dimension: The Design of a Multimedia Learning System for Generalization.
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A Hybrid Computer Supported Collaboration and Visualization System.
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Fast Conversion for Large Canonical OR-Coincidence Functions.
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Adaptive Power Control using Channel State Information Gradient for Mobile Radio Systems.
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Onto-Thesauri: An Efficient Ontology!
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Modeling and Simulation of Humanoid Stair Climbing.
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Software engineering technology watch.
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