Zhiguo Zhang

According to our database1, Zhiguo Zhang authored at least 40 papers between 1997 and 2018.

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General frame for arbitrary 3R subproblems based on the POE model.
Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2018

Colorless-Light and Tunable-Light-Source Schemes for TWDM and WDM PONs.
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Design of a novel three-level voltage source converter for AC-DC-AC conversion.
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A Novel DC-Power Control Method for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter.
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Wavelet sampling and generalization in neural networks.
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Maneuvering target tracking with extended set-membership filter for radar application.
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Multihop-Delivery-Quality-Based Routing in DTNs.
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On Relating Interpolatory Wavelets to Interpolatory Scaling Functions in Multiresolution Analyses.
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Image registration algorithm based on point features of sub-pixel.
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Bioinformatics Strategies for Identifying Regions of Epigenetic Deregulation Associated with Aberrant Transcript Splicing and RNA-editing.
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Design and Experiment of FBG-Based Icing Monitoring on Overhead Transmission Lines with an Improvement Trial for Windy Weather.
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Spatial adjacent bag of features with multiple superpixels for object segmentation and classification.
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Dynamic Wavelength and Bandwidth Allocation in Flexible TWDM Optical Access Network.
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Flexible ring-tree TWDM network architecture for next generation optical access network.
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40-Gb/s downstream and 10-Gb/s upstream long-reach WDM-PON employing remotely pumped EDFA and self wavelength managed tunable transmitter.
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Urban Green Space Landscape Pattern Evaluation Based on High Spatial Resolution Images.
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The evolution trends of PON and key techniques for NG-PON.
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Recovery of the optimal approximation from samples in wavelet subspace.
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Robust Controller Design for Main Steam Pressure Based on SPEA2.
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Research on Effect of Woody Plants Remediation Heavy Metal.
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Awareness of form-sound correspondence in Chinese children with dyslexia: Preliminary results from event-related potentials and time frequency analyses.
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Dynamic multiroot, multiquery processing based on data sharing in sensor networks.
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Research on Calibration Theories and Experiments of Vehicle Wheelbase Difference.
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A Novel Corner Point Detector for Calibration Target Images Based on Grayscale Symmetry.
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An Image Enhancement Method Based on Gamma Correction.
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Parallel First-Order Dynamic Logic and Its Expressiveness and Axiomatization.
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Urban Wetland Resource Investigation in Jinan Urban Parks of China based on QUICKBIRD Data.
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XTR + : A Provable Security Public Key Cryptosystem.
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A Security Based Model for Mobile Agent Software Systems.
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Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network for Prediction of Hourly NOx and NO2 Concentrations.
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Performance Analysis of Virtual Time Optimistic Transaction Processing.
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A Hierarchy of Uniquely Parsable Grammar Classes and Deterministic Acceptors.
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