A. Krishnamoorthy

According to our database1, A. Krishnamoorthy authored at least 27 papers between 1995 and 2016.

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Optimal Control Policy of an Inventory System with Postponed Demand.
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Production inventory with service time and interruptions.
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The multi server M/M/(s, S) queueing inventory system.
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Stochastic decomposition in production inventory with service time (abstract only).
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An inventory model with server interruptions and retrials.
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A retrial queue with server interruptions, resumption and restart of service.
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Thrust force evaluation in drilling medium density fibre (MDF) panels using design of experiments.
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A single server feedback retrial queue with collisions.
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The MAP/(PH/PH)/1 queue with self-generation of priorities and non-preemptive service.
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The Impact of Priority Generations in a Multi-priority Queueing System - A Simulation Approach.
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Numerical investigation of a PH/PH/1 inventory system with positive service time and shortage.
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Inventory with service time and transfer of customers and/inventory.
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Optimal Joint Detection/Estimation in Fading Channels With Polynomial Complexity.
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Some results on a generalized M/G/1 feedback queue with negative customers.
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Numerical analysis of(s, S) inventory systems with repeated attempts.
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On a Queueing System with Self Generation of Priorities.
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A study of post-etch wet clean on electrical and reliability performance of Cu/low k interconnections.
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SiLKTM etch optimization and electrical characterization for 0.13 mum interconnects.
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Code and receiver design for the noncoherent fast-fading channel.
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k-out-of-n system with repair: the max(N, T) policy.
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Impact of barrier deposition process on electrical and reliability performance of Cu/CVD low k SiOCH metallization.
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