W. Li

According to our database1, W. Li authored at least 40 papers between 1981 and 2018.

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Sequential 3D: Key integration challenges and opportunities for advanced semiconductor scaling.
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on IC Design & Technology, 2018

Balancing Trade-offs between Utilization and Work-in-Process Inventory Levels in Flow Shop Production.
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An improved collaborative optimization for multidisciplinary problems with coupled design variables.
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Social Viewing, Bullet Screen, and User Experience: A First Look.
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Process design space for optimal surface integrity in finish hard milling of tool steel.
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Sensor selection for improving accuracy of target localisation in wireless visual sensor networks.
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Coverage analysis and active scheme of wireless sensor networks.
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Hybrid approaches to attribute reduction based on indiscernibility and discernibility relation.
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Predicting potential distributions of geographic events using one-class data: concepts and methods.
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Semantic-based web service discovery and chaining for building an Arctic spatial data infrastructure.
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An expert system for an emergency response management in Networked Safe Service Systems.
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Color measurement for RGB white LEDs in solid-state lighting using a BDJ photodetector.
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A disaster response management system based on the control systems technology.
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Numerical stabilities and boundary conditions in time-domain Eulerian simulations of acoustic wave propagations with and without background flow.
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Hierarchy Communication Channel in Transaction-Level Hardware/Software Co-emulation System.
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A First Attempt at Translating CSP into CCS.
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