Daisuke Uchida

According to our database1, Daisuke Uchida authored at least 17 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Data-Driven Koopman Controller Synthesis Based on the Extended H₂ Norm Characterization.
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A Novel E-band Testbed for Polarization MIMO -OFDM Systems with Wideband IQ Imbalance Compensation.
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Evaluation of OAM Mode Multiplexing Considering Ground Reflection.
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Novel IQ Imbalance Estimation for Wideband MIMO OFDM Systems with CFO.
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Eating moment recognition using heart rate responses.
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An image sensor/processor 3D stacked module featuring ThruChip interfaces.
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Continuous Real-Time Measurement Method for Heart Rate Monitoring Using Face Images.
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Continuous Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring from Face Images.
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Image sensor/digital logic 3D stacked module featuring inductive coupling channels for high speed/low-noise image transfer.
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A 12-bit, 5.5-μW single-slope ADC using intermittent working TDC with multi-phase clock signals.
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A Remark on Spatial Correlation Coefficient Focusing on Propagation Channels for Evaluating Multi-Antenna Systems.
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MIMO Phase Control Relaying System.
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EXPRESS-1: a dynamically reconfigurable platform using embedded processor FPGA.
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