Yue Shen

According to our database1, Yue Shen authored at least 59 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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TNT: Target-driveN Trajectory Prediction.
CoRR, 2020

High-Order Paired-ASPP Networks for Semantic Segmenation.
CoRR, 2020

Self-Presentation and Adolescent Altruistic Behaviors in Social Networks.
Complex., 2020

Underwater Enhancement Model via Reverse Dark Channel Prior.
Proceedings of the Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Third Chinese Conference, 2020

On the Value of Energy Storage in Generation Cost Reduction.
Proceedings of the 18th European Control Conference, 2020

Research on the Knowledge Ontology Model of Attribute-oriented Airworthiness Review Compliance Activities.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Dependable Systems and Their Applications, 2020

Evolving Neural Networks through a Reverse Encoding Tree.
Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2020

Research Front Detection and Topic Evolution Based on Topological Structure and the PageRank Algorithm.
Symmetry, 2019

Prophage Hunter: an integrative hunting tool for active prophages.
Nucleic Acids Res., 2019

Local receptive fields based extreme learning machine with hybrid filter kernels for image classification.
Multidimens. Syst. Signal Process., 2019

Convergence and quasi-optimality of an adaptive finite element method for elliptic Robin boundary control problem.
J. Comput. Appl. Math., 2019

Enabling real-time multi-messenger astrophysics discoveries with deep learning.
CoRR, 2019

Deep Learning for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics: A Gateway for Discovery in the Big Data Era.
CoRR, 2019

Improved premixing in-line injection system for variable-rate orchard sprayers with Arduino platform.
Comput. Electron. Agric., 2019

A Weighted PageRank-Based Algorithm for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing.
IEEE Access, 2019

Fractional-Order PID Motion Control for AUV Using Cloud-Model-Based Quantum Genetic Algorithm.
IEEE Access, 2019

Model Predictive Control for Steering-less EV with four Independent Motors.
Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Automation and Computing, 2019

Automatic Citrus Fruit Disease Detection by Phenotyping Using Machine Learning.
Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Automation and Computing, 2019

Graph Representation Learning for Merchant Incentive Optimization in Mobile Payment Marketing.
Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2019

TADB 2.0: an updated database of bacterial type II toxin-antitoxin loci.
Nucleic Acids Res., 2018

Gaussian derivative models and ensemble extreme learning machine for texture image classification.
Neurocomputing, 2018

Genome Writing: Current Progress and Related Applications.
Genom. Proteom. Bioinform., 2018

CovNN: A Covariance Neural Network Extended from CNN.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Universal Village, 2018

Sound Quality Evaluation of the Interior Noise of Pure Electric Vehicle Based on Neural Network Model.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., 2017

A pruning ensemble model of extreme learning machine with L<sub>1/2</sub> regularizer.
Multidimens. Syst. Signal Process., 2017

A LIDAR-Based Tree Canopy Characterization under Simulated Uneven Road Condition: Advance in Tree Orchard Canopy Profile Measurement.
J. Sensors, 2017

Three-dimension fourier transform matched filed localization using helix array.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, 2017

A feedback-based construction of multilayer measurement matrix for compressive sensing.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2017

Fusion analysis of monitoring information points tables based on semantic Web and Hadoop technology.
Proceedings of the IEEE EUROCON 2017 -17th International Conference on Smart Technologies, 2017

HSR: L 1/2-regularized sparse representation for fast face recognition using hierarchical feature selection.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2016

Manifold learning in local tangent space via extreme learning machine.
Neurocomputing, 2016

Fractional-Order Grey Prediction Method for Non-Equidistant Sequences.
Entropy, 2016

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Iterative Sparse Extended Information Filter for Autonomous Vehicles.
Sensors, 2015

Image segmentation with pulse-coupled neural network and Canny operators.
Comput. Electr. Eng., 2015

PerContRep: a practical reputation system for pervasive content services.
J. Supercomput., 2014

A generic solution for unwanted traffic control through trust management.
New Rev. Hypermedia Multim., 2014

Robust OS-ELM with a novel selective ensemble based on particle swarm optimization.
CoRR, 2014

Analysis on the acceptance of Global Trust Management for unwanted traffic control based on game theory.
Comput. Secur., 2014

QWT enhanced SVM for Hyperspectral image classification.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2014

Spectral-spatial hyperspectral image classification via SVM and superpixel segmentation.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2014

A practical reputation system for pervasive social chatting.
J. Comput. Syst. Sci., 2013

Augmented reality patient-specific reconstruction plate design for pelvic and acetabular fracture surgery.
Int. J. Comput. Assist. Radiol. Surg., 2013

Game Theoretical Analysis of the Acceptance of Global Trust Management for Unwanted Traffic Control.
Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications & 2013 IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, 2013

A PSO-SVM Method for Parameters and Sensor Array Optimization in Wound Infection Detection based on Electronic Nose.
J. Comput., 2012

Classification of Electronic Nose Data in Wound Infection Detection Based on PSO-SVM Combined with Wavelet Transform.
Intell. Autom. Soft Comput., 2012

Unwanted Traffic Control via Hybrid Trust Management.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Trust, 2012

An ArcObjects-based approach to rapid application development of GIS.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics, 2012

Implementation of an Evaluation Platform for Unwanted Traffic Control via Trust Management.
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AR aided implant templating for unilateral fracture reduction and internal fixation surgery.
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Unwanted Traffic Control via Global Trust Management.
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Reconstruction of intersecting curved solids from 2D orthographic views.
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Experimental Research on Decoupling Control of Multi-motor Variable Frequency System Based on Neural Network Generalized Inverse.
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E-learning System Based on Neural Networks.
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Realization of Neural Network Inverse System with PLC in Variable Frequency Speed-Regulating System.
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Tension Identification of Multi-motor Synchronous System Based on Artificial Neural Network.
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Simulation of Wireless Local Area Network.
Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2007, 2007

Catastrophe Prediction of Cnaphalocrosis Medinalis Based on Fuzzy Reasoning.
Proceedings of the Computational Science - ICCS 2007, 7th International Conference, Beijing, China, May 27, 2007

Research on Speech Emotion Recognition System in E-Learning.
Proceedings of the Computational Science - ICCS 2007, 7th International Conference, Beijing, China, May 27, 2007

An Information Audit System Based on Bayes Algorithm.
Proceedings of the Advanced Web and Network Technologies, and Applications, 2006