Dirk Helbing

Orcid: 0000-0002-9898-0101

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland

According to our database1, Dirk Helbing authored at least 100 papers between 1992 and 2024.

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Why converging technologies need converging international regulation.
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Preface - From the modeling of social behavior to computational diplomacy.
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Experiments as Code: A Concept for Reproducible, Auditable, Debuggable, Reusable, & Scalable Experiments.
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How networks shape diversity for better or worse.
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Nanowars can cause epidemic resurgence and fail to promote cooperation.
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Analytically Guided Reinforcement Learning for Green It and Fluent Traffic.
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Give more data, awareness and control to individual citizens, and they will help COVID-19 containment.
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SOS - Self-Organization for Survival: Introducing fairness in emergency communication to save lives.
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How Value-Sensitive Design Can Empower Sustainable Consumption.
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Give more data, awareness and control to individual citizens, and they will help COVID-19 containment.
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A planetary nervous system for social mining and collective awareness
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Google as God? Opportunities and Risks of the Information Age
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Towards a living earth simulator
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Socio-inspired ICT - Towards a socially grounded society-ICT symbiosis
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Introduction: The FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator Towards a More Resilient and Sustainable Future
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