Feng Ding

According to our database1, Feng Ding authored at least 51 papers between 2005 and 2018.

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Anomaly Detection in Large-Scale Trajectories using Hybrid Grid-based Hierarchical Clustering.
I. J. Robotics and Automation, 2018

Filtering-Based Maximum Likelihood Gradient Iterative Estimation Algorithm for Bilinear Systems with Autoregressive Moving Average Noise.
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Adaptive Gradient-Based Iterative Algorithm for Multivariable Controlled Autoregressive Moving Average Systems Using the Data Filtering Technique.
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Soil moisture regulation of agro-hydrological systems using zone model predictive control.
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Variational Bayesian approach for ARX systems with missing observations and varying time-delays.
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The Bias Compensation Based Parameter and State Estimation for Observability Canonical State-Space Models with Colored Noise.
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IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Multiphase Flow Measurement: Techniques and Applications.
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TTBA: An RFID-based Tracking System for Two Basic Actions in Free-Weight Exercises.
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Supervised Web Service Composition Integrating Multi-objective QoS Optimization and Service Quantity Minimization.
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The Gradient-Based Iterative Estimation Algorithms for Bilinear Systems with Autoregressive Noise.
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Multiperiodicity and Exponential Attractivity of Neural Networks with Mixed Delays.
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Hierarchical Stochastic Gradient Algorithm and its Performance Analysis for a Class of Bilinear-in-Parameter Systems.
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TagController: A Universal Wireless and Battery-free Remote Controller using Passive RFID Tags.
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Optimized Control of Ship DC Electric Propulsion System with Energy Storage Unit.
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Error Compensation Method of Magnetometer for Attitude Measurement Using Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm.
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Peak-Ratio Analysis Method for Enhancement of LOM Protection Using M-Class PMUs.
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Local linear neighbor reconstruction for multi-view data.
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The recursive least squares identification algorithm for a class of Wiener nonlinear systems.
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An auxiliary model based least squares algorithm for a dual-rate state space system with time-delay using the data filtering.
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A Real-Time User Mobility Pattern Modeling and Similarity Measurement for Mobile Social Networks.
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Hierarchical gradient based and hierarchical least squares based iterative parameter identification for CARARMA systems.
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The Method of D-Case Development Using HAZOP Analysis on UML Models.
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Near-optimal virtual machine placement with product traffic pattern in data centers.
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A new concept to reject perturbations in a TMP process due to raw materials properties variation.
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MPC based ring deberking process optimization.
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Segmentation of liver and liver tumor for the Liver-Workbench.
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Perimeter intrusion detection based on improved Surendra background update algorithm.
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Investigating potential energy savings from raw materials variability attenuation: A case study in pulp and paper industry.
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Process variability and inherent efficiency enhancement in industrial processes: Two case studies in pulp and paper industry.
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Integration of Task Scheduling with Replica Placement in Data Grid for Limited Disk Space of Resources.
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Urban Expansion and Heat Island Dynamics in the Quanzhou Region, China.
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