Guofeng Li

Orcid: 0000-0002-2271-6283

According to our database1, Guofeng Li authored at least 55 papers between 2009 and 2024.

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Improved secure PCA and LDA algorithms for intelligent computing in IoT-to-cloud setting.
Comput. Intell., February, 2024

Compensation-corrective adaptive control strategy for upper-limb rehabilitation robots.
Robotics Auton. Syst., 2024

DART: Depth-Enhanced Accurate and Real-Time Background Matting.
CoRR, 2024

GM(1,1)-Based Weighted K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Indoor Localization.
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High-capacity coverless image steganographic scheme based on image synthesis.
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Multilevel histogram shape-based image watermarking invariant to geometric attacks.
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Smartphone-Based Unconstrained Step Detection Fusing a Variable Sliding Window and an Adaptive Threshold.
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Deep Clustering: A Comprehensive Survey.
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A lncRNA signature of tumor-infiltrating macrophages is associated with prognosis and tumor immunity in lung adenocarcinoma.
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A Dual-Mode 2D Matrix Array for Ultrasound Image-Guided Noninvasive Therapy.
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A Vulnerability Detection System Based on Fusion of Assembly Code and Source Code.
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A 26-ppm/<sup>o</sup>C, 13.2-ppm/V, 0.11%-inaccuracy picowatt voltage reference with PVT compensation and fast startup.
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Deep embedded multi-view clustering with collaborative training.
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A 1.8-nW sub-1-V self-biased sub-bandgap reference for low-power systems.
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Synchronization in collaboration network.
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Visible Watermark Removal Based on Dual-input Network.
Proceedings of the ACM ICEA '21: 2021 ACM International Conference on Intelligent Computing and its Emerging Applications, Jinan, China, December 28, 2021

Real-Time Detection of Compensatory Patterns in Patients With Stroke to Reduce Compensation During Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy.
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A Highly Magnetic Field Sensitive Photonic Crystal Fiber Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance.
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Structure properties of collaboration network with tunable clustering.
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A Practical EEG-Based Human-Machine Interface to Online Control an Upper-Limb Assist Robot.
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Intelligent video analysis: A Pedestrian trajectory extraction method for the whole indoor space without blind areas.
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Noninvasive Ultrasonic Neuromodulation in Freely Moving Mice.
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sEMG-Based Detection of Compensation Caused by Fatigue During Rehabilitation Therapy: A Pilot Study.
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Learning Solutions for Electromagnetic Problems Using RBF Network-Based FE-LSSVM.
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A Continuous Estimation Model of Upper Limb Joint Angles by Using Surface Electromyography and Deep Learning Method.
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Automatic Detection of Compensatory Movement Patterns by a Pressure Distribution Mattress Using Machine Learning Methods: A Pilot Study.
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Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using Wigner-Ville Distribution and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
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Cooperative Control of a Dual-arm Rehabilitation Robot for Upper Limb Physiotherapy and Training.
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Variable Robot- Resistance Rehabilitation for Upper Limb Based on an sEMG-Driven Model.
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A 0.9-V 33.7-ppm/°C 85-nW Sub-Bandgap Voltage Reference Consisting of Subthreshold MOSFETs and Single BJT.
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The Cat and Mouse in Split Manufacturing.
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Learning solutions to two dimensional electromagnetic equations using LS-SVM.
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98 pA, 0.17 ppm/V, -72 dB@100 Hz voltage reference for Internet-of-Things systems.
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A 2.1-ppm/°C all-MOSFET voltage reference with a 1.2-V supply voltage.
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A 1.2 V supply 0.58 ppm/°C CMOS bandgap voltage reference.
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A 0.5V 46.2ppm°C CMOS Voltage Reference Based on Compensated ΔVTH with Wide Temperature Range and High PSRR.
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A Low-Power High-PSRR CMOS Voltage Reference with Active-Feedback Frequency Compensation for IoT Applications.
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Analysis and design of a current-mode bandgap reference with high power supply ripple rejection.
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FCUDA-NoC: A Scalable and Efficient Network-on-Chip Implementation for the CUDA-to-FPGA Flow.
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An ultra-low power and offset-insensitive CMOS subthreshold voltage reference.
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Analytic expression of quantum correlations in qutrit Werner states undergoing local and nonlocal unitary operations.
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Prediction of feature genes in trauma patients with the TNF rs1800629 A allele using support vector machine.
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A Digital Multigate Doppler Method for High Frequency Ultrasound.
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A note on quantum correlations in Werner states under two collective noises.
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Ultra-Low-voltage gain-Enhanced Four-phase charge pump without Body effect.
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Vehicle supervision system based on MEMS geomagnetic sensor.
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