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According to our database1, Yan Wu authored at least 172 papers between 1996 and 2019.

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Path Following Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicle Based on Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode and Active Disturbance Rejection Control.
IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 2019

Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Seal Wear and Internal Leakage Using Wavelets and Wavelet Neural Network.
IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement, 2019

The effects of trust on life satisfaction in the context of WeChat use.
Telematics and Informatics, 2019

Vertical Structures of Dust Aerosols over East Asia Based on CALIPSO Retrievals.
Remote Sensing, 2019

Adaptive control of bi-directionally coupled Lorenz systems with uncertainties.
J. Franklin Institute, 2019

Self-attention convolutional neural network for improved MR image reconstruction.
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Diversity-induced fuzzy clustering.
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SVM-Based Classification of sEMG Signals for Upper-Limb Self-Rehabilitation Training.
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A Survey of Group Key Agreement Protocols with Constant Rounds.
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Performance formula-based optimal deployments of multilevel indices for service retrieval.
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Semantic segmentation via highly fused convolutional network with multiple soft cost functions.
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Matching-Coalition Based Cluster Formation for D2D Multicast Content Sharing.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Smart Mobile Diagnosis System for Citrus Diseases Based on Densely Connected Convolutional Networks.
IEEE Access, 2019

Learning Solutions for Electromagnetic Problems Using RBF Network-Based FE-LSSVM.
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Automatic marker-free target positioning and tracking for image-guided radiotherapy and interventions.
Proceedings of the Medical Imaging 2019: Image-Guided Procedures, 2019

DFNet: Semantic Segmentation on Panoramic Images with Dynamic Loss Weights and Residual Fusion Block.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2019

Deep Compressed Sensing.
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, 2019

Interest-Aware Content Discovery in Peer-to-Peer Social Networks.
ACM Trans. Internet Techn., 2018

Guest Editorial Special Section on Energy Informatics for Green Cities.
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An Efficient Indexing Model for the Fog Layer of Industrial Internet of Things.
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Linking User Online Behavior across Domains with Internet Traffic.
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Learning deconvolutional deep neural network for high resolution medical image reconstruction.
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Learning solutions to two dimensional electromagnetic equations using LS-SVM.
Neurocomputing, 2018

Detection and defense of DDoS attack-based on deep learning in OpenFlow-based SDN.
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SCAN: Semantic Context Aware Network for Accurate Small Object Detection.
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Complex-valued unsupervised convolutional neural networks for sleep stage classification.
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WeChat Addiction Suppresses the Impact of Stressful Life Events on Life Satisfaction.
Cyberpsy., Behavior, and Soc. Networking, 2018

Experimental Evaluation of Divisible Human-Robot Shared Control for Teleoperation Assistance.
Proceedings of the TENCON 2018, 2018

Learning Attractor Dynamics for Generative Memory.
Proceedings of the Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31: Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems 2018, 2018

VH-HFCN based Parking Slot and Lane Markings Segmentation on Panoramic Surround View.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2018

Learn to Detect Objects Incrementally.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2018

TiEV: The Tongji Intelligent Electric Vehicle in the Intelligent Vehicle Future Challenge of China.
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018

Multi-Modal Robot Apprenticeship: Imitation Learning Using Linearly Decayed DMP+ in a Human-Robot Dialogue System.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2018

The Kanerva Machine: A Generative Distributed Memory.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Learning Representations, 2018

A hybrid immigrants strategy for dynamic multi-objective optimization.
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Advanced Computational Intelligence, 2018

Vortex Bladeless Wind Generator for Nano-Grids.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, 2018

Analysis and Prediction of Endorsement-Based Skill Assessment in LinkedIn.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE 42nd Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2018

Incentive-based cluster formation for D2D multicast content sharing.
Proceedings of the 24th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, 2018

A New Method for Automatic Sleep Stage Classification.
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Circuits and Systems, 2017

Room-temperature spin-photon interface for quantum networks.
Quantum Information Processing, 2017

Electrical control of strong spin-phonon coupling in a carbon nanotube.
Quantum Information & Computation, 2017

A fine-grained indoor fingerprinting localization based on magnetic field strength and channel state information.
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2017

Multiple Classifiers-Based Feature Fusion for RGB-D Object Recognition.
IJPRAI, 2017

Construction and Resource Allocation of Cost-Efficient Clustered Virtual Network in Software Defined Networks.
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Learning Peri-saccadic Remapping of Receptive Field from Experience in Lateral Intraparietal Area.
Front. Comput. Neurosci., 2017

Coarse-Grained Descriptions of Dynamics for Networks with Both Intrinsic and Structural Heterogeneities.
Front. Comput. Neurosci., 2017

Active synchronization of multi-domain controllers in software-defined networks.
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2017

Event Detection and User Interest Discovering in Social Media Data Streams.
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Key Selection for Multilevel Indices of Large-scale Service Repositories.
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Benefits of Compressed Sensing Multi-user Detection for Spread Spectrum Code Design.
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Study on the impact of random-dot stereograms characteristics on stereoscopic cognition.
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Pedestrian detection with dilated convolution, region proposal network and boosted decision trees.
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Fully Combined Convolutional Network with Soft Cost Function for Traffic Scene Parsing.
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Speeding Up Dilated Convolution Based Pedestrian Detection with Tensor Decomposition.
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Implementation of Service Design on Innovation Development of Traditional Handicraft: A Case Study of Yongchun Lacquered Basket.
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A Novel Efficient Index Model and Modified Chord Protocol for Decentralized Service Repositories.
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A Multilevel Index Model to Expedite Web Service Discovery and Composition in Large-Scale Service Repositories.
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A Framework of Human-Robot Coordination Based on Game Theory and Policy Iteration.
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RVLBPNN: A Workload Forecasting Model for Smart Cloud Computing.
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Research collaboration and topic trends in Computer Science based on top active authors.
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A Flowchart for Rapid Technical Debt Management Decision Making.
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Factors impacting students' online learning experience in a learner-centred course.
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Seizure detection using dynamic warping for patients with intellectual disability.
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A directed search strategy for evolutionary dynamic multiobjective optimization.
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Effective feature selection using feature vector graph for classification.
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Construction of Z-Periodic Complementary Sequence Based on Interleaved Technique.
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Efficient Event Detection in Social Media Data Streams.
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VE dimension induced by Bayesian networks over the boolean domain.
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A novel hetero-junction Tunnel-FET using Semiconducting silicide-Silicon contact and its scalability.
Microelectronics Reliability, 2014

Generalized preferential attachment considering aging.
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Solution of Evidence Distance in Multi-Source Information Fusion.
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A co-training algorithm for EEG classification with biomimetic pattern recognition and sparse representation.
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On the maximum packing problem of MPλ(3, K(3)4 - e, v).
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The Distribution System of Public housing Based on Multi-objective Matching: a Case Study of Huangshi City.
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Convolutional deep belief networks for feature extraction of EEG signal.
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Contractive De-noising Auto-Encoder.
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