Jaeho Kim

According to our database1, Jaeho Kim authored at least 71 papers between 1986 and 2020.

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City Data Hub: Implementation of Standard-Based Smart City Data Platform for Interoperability.
Sensors, 2020

Multiple Resolution Modeling: A Particular Case of Distributed Simulation.
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IoT service slicing and task offloading for edge computing.
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An Efficient Modified Gauss Seidel Precoder for Downlink Massive MIMO Systems.
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I/O Schedulers for Proportionality and Stability on Flash-Based SSDs in Multi-Tenant Environments.
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Flash based SSD Aware Parity Logging for Building Reliable Massive Capacity SSDs.
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Durable Transactional Memory Can Scale with Timestone.
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A Flash-Based SSD Cache Management Scheme for High Performance Home Cloud Storage.
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Implementation of Sensing and Actuation Capabilities for IoT Devices Using oneM2M Platforms.
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Predictive geographic multicast routing protocol in flying ad hoc networks.
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Interworking Models of Smart City with Heterogeneous Internet of Things Standards.
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EiF: Toward an Elastic IoT Fog Framework for AI Services.
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Alleviating Garbage Collection Interference Through Spatial Separation in All Flash Arrays.
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A Networking Framework for Multiple-Heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles in FANETs.
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Multiple UAVs-based Surveillance and Reconnaissance System Utilizing IoT Platform.
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Towards Real-Time Data Delivery in oneM2M Platform for UAV Management System.
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MV-RLU: Scaling Read-Log-Update with Multi-Versioning.
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Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols for UAV Communications.
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Solid state cache management scheme for improving I/O performance of hard disk drive.
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Smart City Services Over a Global Interoperable Internet-of-Things System: The Smart Parking Case.
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Analysis of Performance for NAND Flash Based SSDs via Using Host Semantic Information.
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A method for reducing garbage collection overhead of SSD using machine learning algorithms.
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Managing Array of SSDs When the Storage Device Is No Longer the Performance Bottleneck.
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Chip-Level RAID with Flexible Stripe Size and Parity Placement for Enhanced SSD Reliability.
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TTEO (Things Talk to Each Other): Programming Smart Spaces Based on IoT Systems.
Sensors, 2016

From WSN towards WoT: Open API Scheme Based on oneM2M Platforms.
Sensors, 2016

Standards-Based Worldwide Semantic Interoperability for IoT.
IEEE Commun. Mag., 2016

Standard-based IoT platforms interworking: implementation, experiences, and less ons learned.
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I/O Scheduling Schemes for Better I/O Proportionality on Flash-Based SSDs.
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A device software platform for consumer electronics based on the internet of things.
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Integrated Semantics Service Platform for the Internet of Things: A Case Study of a Smart Office.
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Integrating outlier removal into existing histogram construction methods for geographic data.
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STHist-C: a highly accurate cluster-based histogram for two and three dimensional geographic data points.
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Bichromatic buckets: An effective technique to improve the accuracy of histograms for geographic data points.
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Conservative visibility preprocessing for walkthroughs of complex urban scenes.
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Microcomputer for the dynamics laboratory.
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