Jean-Yves Didier

According to our database1, Jean-Yves Didier authored at least 39 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Indoor Localization and Mapping: Towards Tracking Resilience Through a Multi-SLAM Approach.
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Human motions and emotions recognition inspired by LMA qualities.
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Expressive motions recognition and analysis with learning and statistical methods.
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Architectures pour les logiciels de Réalité Augmentée : des concepts aux applications. (Architecture for Augmented Reality sofware: from concepts to applications).
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Gesture recognition for humanoid robot teleoperation.
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Robust human action recognition system using Laban Movement Analysis.
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Real Time Noise Reduction to Identify Motion Parameters in AR Maintenance Scenario.
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Réalité augmentée en extérieur. État de l'art.
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ARCS, une architecture logicielle reconfigurable pour la conception des applications de réalité augmentée.
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