Jianping Huang

According to our database1, Jianping Huang authored at least 55 papers between 1993 and 2023.

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Outlier Denoising Using a Novel Statistics-Based Mask Strategy for Compressive Sensing.
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Quantitative Error Analysis for the Least-Squares Imaging.
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Approximating the Gauss-Newton Hessian Using a Space-Wavenumber Filter and its Applications in Least-Squares Seismic Imaging.
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Detecting Pest-Infested Forest Damage through Multispectral Satellite Imagery and Improved UNet++.
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A New Algorithm of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Determined from Polarization Lidar.
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The Interweaving of Memory and Recollection: A Case Study of Memorial House "Qiyun Residence".
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Study on the Effect of Art Training on Proportion Control.
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Research on License Plate Image Segmentation and Intelligent Character Recognition.
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An Exploration of the Development of Visual Design in Taiwan - A Case Study of the Cover Design of Industrial Design Magazine.
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Research on Creation Architecture of Opera Cartoons.
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Analysis of Cover Design Styles of Magazines - Taking THE SHORT STORY MAGAZINE (1910-1932) as an Example.
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An Application of Somatosensory Interaction for 3D Virtual Experiments.
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Efficient and accurate numerical simulation of acoustic wave propagation in a 2D heterogeneous media.
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A Learning Based Recovery for Damaged Snake-Like Robots.
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Electrophysiological Assessment of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation through Somatosensory Evoked Potential in Rat Hindlimb.
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The Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Absorbing Aerosols over East Asia.
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Investigation of cardiac diffusion tensor imaging using compressed sensing. (Etude de l'imagerie de tenseur de diffusion en utilisant l'acquisition comprimée).
PhD thesis, 2015

A Pavement Crack Detection Method Combining 2D with 3D Information Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory.
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