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According to our database1, Jian Lin authored at least 96 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Axiomatic property based consistency analysis and decision making with interval multiplicative reciprocal preference relations.
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Consistency and optimized priority weight analytical solutions of interval multiplicative preference relations.
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A multilevel sampling strategy based memetic differential evolution for multimodal optimization.
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Staged Method of Code Similarity Analysis for Firmware Vulnerability Detection.
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A Novel Group Decision Making Method Under Uncertain Multiplicative Linguistic Environment for Information System Selection.
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Experimental analysis of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder joint board-level drop/vibration impact failure models after thermal/isothermal cycling.
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Application of a FBG-Based Instrumented Rock Bolt in a TBM-Excavated Coal Mine Roadway.
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An Improved Lattice Filter Structure with Minimum Roundoff Noise Gain.
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An effective hybrid biogeography-based optimization algorithm for the distributed assembly permutation flow-shop scheduling problem.
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Research Service Design Based on Online Public Service Platform - APP Design for Mutual Learning Through Sign Language Short Video.
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A hybrid biogeography-based optimization for the fuzzy flexible job-shop scheduling problem.
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Research on two-layer heterogeneous wireless control network framework at airport with silent mechanism.
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Some hybrid weighted averaging operators and their application to decision making.
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Reply to the comment on "Some hybrid weighted averaging operators and their application to decision making".
Information Fusion, 2014

A Learning-Based Framework for Supervised and Unsupervised Image Segmentation Evaluation.
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Functional Connectivity of Primary Motor Cortex Is Dependent on Genetic Burden in Prodromal Huntington Disease.
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