Jiao Wang

According to our database1, Jiao Wang authored at least 79 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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Bridging Gaps Among Human, Assisted, and Automated Driving With DVIs: A Conceptional Experimental Study.
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Numerical solutions for systems of fractional order differential equations with Bernoulli wavelets.
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The optimal payment policy for a firm: cash sale versus credit sale.
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A One-Shot FPGA Based Depth Acquisition System.
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Experimental Study on the Variation of Dielectric Constant of Dielectric Elastomer Actuator.
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A low input power charge pump for passive UHF RFID applications.
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Spatial Pattern of Projectile Direction of Crater Rays on the Moon.
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Belief-state Monte-Carlo tree search for Phantom games.
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Estimation of Surface Longwave Radiation over the Tibetan Plateau Region Using MODIS Data for Cloud-Free Skies.
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The 6th Chinese Computer-Games Championship.
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The 2nd National University Student Computer-Games Tournaments.
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Reinforcement learning for joint pricing, lead-time and scheduling decisions in make-to-order systems.
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Prediction coefficient estimation in Markov random fields for iterative X-ray CT reconstruction.
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A Slope One Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Using Uncertain Neighbors Optimizing.
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