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According to our database1, Ding Ding authored at least 44 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Self-identification with a Virtual Experience and Its Moderating Effect on Self-efficacy and Presence.
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DISPERSE: A Decentralized Architecture for Content Replication Resilient to Node Failures.
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Design of a High-Performance Low-Cost Radiation-Hardened Phase-Locked Loop for Space Application.
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Simulated thoughts in virtual reality for negotiation training enhance self-efficacy and knowledge.
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Q-learning based dynamic task scheduling for energy-efficient cloud computing.
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A Graph Attention Based Approach for Trajectory Prediction in Multi-agent Sports Games.
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Wide-Scale Internet Disconnection: Impact and Recovery on Social-Based P2P Overlays.
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Image Inpainting Using Nonlocal Texture Matching and Nonlinear Filtering.
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SAND: Social-aware, network-failure resilient, and decentralized microblogging system.
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Comprehensive Evaluation Model on New Product Introduction of Convenience Stores Based on Multidimensional Data.
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BigDL: A Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Big Data.
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Adaptive Multi-Threshold Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Consolidation in Cloud Data Center.
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K-means-based channel equalization method for polarization-division-multiplexed optical OFDM/OQAM systems.
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Using NearestGraph QoS Prediction Method for Service Recommendation in the Cloud.
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Perceptually aware image inpainting.
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Toward Detecting Violations of Differential Privacy.
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ULES: Underwater Localization Evaluation Scheme Under Beacon Node Drift Scenes.
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Image Inpainting Based on Exemplars and Sparse Representation.
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Virtual Reality Negotiation Training System with Virtual Cognitions.
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User-oriented cloud resource scheduling with feedback integration.
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Models and Insights for Hospital Inpatient Operations: Time-Dependent ED Boarding Time.
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Acceptability and adoption of handheld computer data collection for public health research in China: a case study.
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