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According to our database1, Qing Ye authored at least 100 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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ASFP (Artificial Intelligence based Scoring Function Platform): a web server for the development of customized scoring functions.
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Impedance Modeling and DC Bus Voltage Stability Assessment of a Solid-State-Transformer-Enabled Hybrid AC-DC Grid Considering Bidirectional Power Flow.
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Communication-Efficient Federated Learning with Compensated Overlap-FedAvg.
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HLSGD Hierarchical Local SGD With Stale Gradients Featuring.
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DBS: Dynamic Batch Size For Distributed Deep Neural Network Training.
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Blockchain-Based Searchable Encryption Scheme With Fair Payment.
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Investigation of Intelligent Vehicle Path Tracking Based on Longitudinal and Lateral Coordinated Control.
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Siamese Cascaded Region Proposal Networks With Channel-Interconnection-Spatial Attention for Visual Tracking.
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HPSGD: Hierarchical Parallel SGD with Stale Gradients Featuring.
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Using Electronic Health Records Data to Evaluate the Impact of Information Technology on Improving Health Equity: Evidence from China.
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Anti-cat-eye effect imaging technique based on the light-field imaging technique.
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Detecting adverse drug reactions in discharge summaries of electronic medical records using Readpeer.
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Changes in Chlorophyll Concentrations Associated With the 5.1 La Habra Earthquake, California Of 29 March 2014.
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Do People with Diabetes Receive Balanced Diabetes Self-Management Education? An Analysis of Clinic Notes against AADE7TM Principles.
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Multiple Resonances Mitigation of Paralleled Inverters in a Solid-State Transformer (SST) Enabled AC Microgrid.
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Integrated Size and Energy Management Design of Battery Storage to Enhance Grid Integration of Large-Scale PV Power Plants.
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University spin-off firms' struggle with openness in early knowledge relationships: in search of antecedents and outcomes.
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Weighted structure preservation and redundancy minimization for feature selection.
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Brillouin Frequency Shift of Fiber Distributed Sensors Extracted from Noisy Signals by Quadratic Fitting.
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Human motion analysis based on extraction of skeleton and dynamic time warping algorithm using RGBD camera.
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The Study on the Botnet and its Prevention Policies in the Internet of Things.
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InteriorNet: Mega-scale Multi-sensor Photo-realistic Indoor Scenes Dataset.
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Developing Healthy Coping Features Tailored for Seniors Older Than 70 Years with Diabetes: An Exercise List, an Activity List, and a Mood Scale.
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A Robust Diffusion Estimation Algorithm with Self-Adjusting Step-Size in WSNs.
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Spin-Up: A European Project Aimed at Propelling University Spin-off Growth.
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