Jung-Hsien Chiang

According to our database1, Jung-Hsien Chiang authored at least 58 papers between 1995 and 2018.

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Gene ontology concept recognition using named concept: understanding the various presentations of the gene functions in biomedical literature.
Database, 2018

Using Heterogeneous Social Media as Auxiliary Information to Improve Hotel Recommendation Performance.
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Literature-based discovery of new candidates for drug repurposing.
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A Smartphone-Based Personalized Activity Recommender System for Patients with Depression.
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Life Record: A Smartphone-Based Daily Activity Monitoring System.
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iDianNao: Recommending Volunteer Opportunities to Older Adults.
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Pattern analysis in daily physical activity data for personal health management.
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Discovering novel protein-protein interactions by measuring the protein semantic similarity from the biomedical literature.
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NCS: incorporating positioning data to quantify nucleosome stability in yeast.
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Overview of the gene ontology task at BioCreative IV.
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Portable Assessment of Emotional Status and Support System.
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CGPredictor: a systematic integrated analytic tool for mining and examining genome-scale cancer independent prognostic epigenetic marker panels.
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PhosphoChain: a novel algorithm to predict kinase and phosphatase networks from high-throughput expression data.
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A Systems Biology Approach to Solving the Puzzle of Unknown Genomic Gene-Function Association Using Grid-Ready SVM Committee Machines.
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AutoBind: automatic extraction of protein-ligand-binding affinity data from biological literature.
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Condensing biomedical journal texts through paragraph ranking.
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Automated evaluation of electronic discharge notes to assess quality of care for cardiovascular diseases using Medical Language Extraction and Encoding System (MedLEE).
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Prediction of subcelluar localization using maximal-margin spherical support vector machine.
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A new maximal-margin spherical-structured multi-class support vector machine.
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Ontology-Based Intelligent Web Mining Agent for Taiwan Travel.
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Fuzzy Regression Analysis by Support Vector Learning Approach.
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In Silico Prediction of Human Protein Interactions Using Fuzzy-SVM Mixture Models and Its Application to Cancer Research.
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Novel Algorithm for Coexpression Detection in Time-Varying Microarray Data Sets.
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Unsupervised minor prototype detection using an adaptive population partitioning algorithm.
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Discovering gene-gene relations from sequential sentence patterns in biomedical literature.
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Modeling human cancer-related regulatory modules by GA-RNN hybrid algorithms.
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Patterns Discovery on Complex Diagnosis and Biological Data Using Fuzzy Latent Variables.
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Pruning and Model-selecting Algorithms in the Rbf Frameworks Constructed by Support Vector Learning.
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An intelligent news recommender agent for filtering and categorizing large volumes of text corpus.
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A fuzzy model of support vector machine regression.
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Incorporating fuzzy operators in the decision network to improve classification reliability.
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An Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering Technique for Traffic Prediction of Packet-switched Networks.
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基於階層式類神經網路之自動新聞文件分類方法 (Hierarchical Neural Networks for Automatic News Document Categorization) [In Chinese].
Proceedings of the 14th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing, 2001

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Learning Decision Functions in Fuzzy g-Models.
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Aggregating membership values by a Choquet-fuzzy-integral based operator.
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Comments on "Choquet fuzzy integral-based hierarchical networks for decision analysis" [and reply].
IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, 1999

Author's reply.
IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, 1999

Choquet fuzzy integral-based hierarchical networks for decision analysis.
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Network-based decision making via generalized fuzzy integral operators.
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