Ilya Shmulevich

According to our database1, Ilya Shmulevich authored at least 79 papers between 1998 and 2018.

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Flexibility of Boolean Network Reservoir Computers in Approximating Arbitrary Recursive and Non-Recursive Binary Filters.
Entropy, 2018

Multiscale mutation clustering algorithm identifies pan-cancer mutational clusters associated with pathway-level changes in gene expression.
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Solving the influence maximization problem reveals regulatory organization of the yeast cell cycle.
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Literature-based discovery of new candidates for drug repurposing.
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Combining dependent P-values with an empirical adaptation of Brown's method.
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Mapping dynamical states to structural classes for Boolean networks using a classification algorithm.
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Biocellion: accelerating computer simulation of multicellular biological system models.
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Fastbreak: a tool for analysis and visualization of structural variations in genomic data.
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Trade-off between Responsiveness and Noise Suppression in Biomolecular System Responses to Environmental Cues.
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EPEPT: A web service for enhanced P-value estimation in permutation tests.
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Introduction to the special issue on information theory in molecular biology and neuroscience.
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Biological information as set-based complexity.
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SEQADAPT: an adaptable system for the tracking, storage and analysis of high throughput sequencing experiments.
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Genome-wide histone acetylation data improve prediction of mammalian transcription factor binding sites.
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Probabilistic analysis of gene expression measurements from heterogeneous tissues.
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An Integration Architecture Designed to Deal with the Issues of Biological Scope, Scale and Complexity.
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Howdah - A Flexible Pipeline Framework for Analyzing Genomic Data.
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Adaptable data management for systems biology investigations.
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Fewer permutations, more accurate P-values.
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Critical Boolean networks require minimal intervention rate.
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Uncovering a Macrophage Transcriptional Program by Integrating Evidence from Motif Scanning and Expression Dynamics.
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Set-based complexity and biological information
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Systems biology driven software design for the research enterprise.
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Simcluster: clustering enumeration gene expression data on the simplex space.
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ProbCD: enrichment analysis accounting for categorization uncertainty.
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Robust regression for periodicity detection in non-uniformly sampled time-course gene expression data.
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The Role of Redundancy in the Robustness of Random Boolean Networks
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Noise in a small genetic circuit that undergoes bifurcation.
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In silico microdissection of microarray data from heterogeneous cell populations.
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Genomic signal processing.
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On Learning Gene Regulatory Networks Under the Boolean Network Model.
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On the robustness of the class of stack filters.
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Kernel density estimation with adaptive varying window size.
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Markov Random Field Modeling in Median Pyramidal Transform Domain for Denoising Applications.
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On the distribution of the number of monotone Boolean functions relative to the number of lower units.
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Binary analysis and optimization-based normalization of gene expression data.
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ayesian automatic relevance determination algorithms for classifying gene expression data.
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Probabilistic Boolean networks: a rule-based uncertainty model for gene regulatory networks.
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Correction to "output distributionsof stack filters based on mirrored threshold decomposition".
IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 2001

Output distributions of stack filters based on mirrored threshold decomposition.
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