Koji Okamoto

According to our database1, Koji Okamoto authored at least 28 papers between 1994 and 2019.

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A Community-Based IoT Service Platform to Locally Disseminate Socially-Valuable Data : Best effort local data sharing network with no conscious effort?
Proceedings of the 5th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, 2019

Discussion on probability of cesium-137 release exceeding 100 TBq as a part of the consideration of nuclear power plant probabilistic risk criteria for environmental protection.
Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf., 2018

Experimental investigation of the effect of control rod guide tubes on the breakup of a molten metal jet in the lower plenum of a boiling water reactor under isothermal conditions.
J. Vis., 2017

Near-field spatial variation in similarity spectra decomposition of a Mach 1.8 laboratory-scale jet.
Proc. Meet. Acoust., 2016

Natural convection in wake of molten metal moving with phase change of wax.
J. Vis., 2016

The 16th international symposium on flow visualization, ISFV16.
J. Vis., 2015

Numerical simulation of droplet deposition onto a liquid film by VOF-MPS hybrid method.
J. Vis., 2015

Entrained droplets in underexpanded gas jet in water.
J. Vis., 2011

A fractal-based 2D expansion method for multi-scale volume data visualization.
J. Vis., 2011

Jet ejection from droplets near the Leidenfrost temperature.
J. Vis., 2010

An experimental investigation of flow-induced acoustic resonance and flow field in a closed side branch system using a high time-resolved PIV technique.
J. Vis., 2010

Fractal Map: Fractal-Based 2D Expansion Method for Multi-scale High-Dimensional Data Visualization.
Proceedings of the Advances in Visual Computing - 6th International Symposium, 2010

Study on concurrent measurements of velocity and density distributions for high-speed CO<sub>2</sub> flow.
J. Vis., 2009

A 125-1250 MHz Process-Independent Adaptive Bandwidth Spread Spectrum Clock Generator With Digital Controlled Self-Calibration.
IEEE J. Solid State Circuits, 2009

A 14.6<sup>th</sup>-order 3.456GHz transmit baseband filter in 110nm CMOS for millimeter-wave communication systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 2009

Mixing enhancement in a microfluidic device.
J. Vis., 2008

Measurement of two overlapped velocity vector fields in microfluidic devices using time-resolved PIV.
J. Vis., 2008

X-ray visualization of powder flow in a screw feeder for different shaped screws.
J. Vis., 2007

Measurement of the flow and its vibration in Japanese traditional bamboo flute using the dynamic PIV.
J. Vis., 2007

A -90 dBc@ 10 kHz Phase Noise Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer with Accurate Loop Bandwidth Control Circuit.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2006

Effect of korteweg stress in miscible liquid two-layer flow in a microfluidic device.
J. Vis., 2005

4D-PTV Measurements of an impinged jet with a dynamic 3D-PTV.
J. Vis., 2005

Quantitative visualization of micro-tube flow using micro-PIV.
J. Vis., 2004

A 0.13um CMOS ultra-compact DVD SoC employing a full digital equalizing PRML read channel.
Proceedings of the IEEE 2004 Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 2004

3D shape reconstruction from synthetic images captured by a rotating periscope system with a single focal direction.
J. Vis., 2003

Preliminary study of two immiscible liquid layers subjected to a horizontal temperature gradient.
J. Vis., 2003

Chemically racting liquid round jet.
J. Vis., 2003

dutA RNA functions as an untranslatable RNA in the development of Dictyostelium discoideum.
Nucleic Acids Res., 1994