Kun Chen

According to our database1, Kun Chen authored at least 67 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Scale efficiency in two-stage network DEA.
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An ontology-based approach for supply-chain quality control: From a principal-agent perspective.
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A data-driven approach for extracting and analyzing collaboration patterns at the interagent and intergroup levels in business process.
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Stochastic Feedback Based Continuous-Discrete Cubature Kalman Filtering for Bearings-Only Tracking.
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A linear programming model to reduce rank violations while eliciting preference from pairwise comparison matrix.
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Quality and quantity are not always positively correlated: A case study of Chinese economics journals.
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Two-generation Pareto ant colony algorithm for multi-objective job shop scheduling problem with alternative process plans and unrelated parallel machines.
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Second order cone programming approach to two-stage network data envelopment analysis.
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Dyck Words, Lattice Paths, and Abelian Borders.
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Some Tree-book Ramsey Numbers.
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Tracking and removal of suspended matter from underwater video images.
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Using Hospitalization and Suicide Mortality Data to Identify Subpopulation of High Suicide Risk via Survival Modeling.
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Radar HRRP Target Recognition Based on the Improved Kernel Distance Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Method.
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Visualizing market structure through online product reviews: Integrate topic modeling, TOPSIS, and multi-dimensional scaling approaches.
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Bridging the gap between missing and inconsistent values in eliciting preference from pairwise comparison matrices.
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A Novel Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm with Wide Range and High Accuracy for OFDM System.
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Gestures: The Reformer of the User's Mental Model in Mobile HCI.
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Development of rapid prototyping slicing software based on STL model.
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A Graphene-Based Electrochemical Sensor for Rapid Determination of Phenols in Water.
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Parallel approximation algorithms for minimum routing cost spanning tree.
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Laser-Generated Surface Acoustic Wave Technique for Crack Monitoring - A Review.
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Adaptive weighted relevant sample selection of just-in-time learning soft sensor for chemical processes.
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An Integrated Laser-Induced Piezoelectric/Differential Confocal Surface Acoustic Wave System for Measurement of Thin Film Young's Modulus.
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A Four-Quadrant PVDF Transducer for Surface Acoustic Wave Detection.
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A Novel Color Image Segmentation Method Based on Improved Region Growing.
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A Self-adaptive Segmentation Method by Fusion of Multi-color Space Components.
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A neurocomputational method for fully automated 3D dendritic spine detection and segmentation of medium-sized spiny neurons.
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