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Convolutional kernels with an element-wise weighting mechanism for identifying abnormal brain connectivity patterns.
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Two New Classes of Codebooks Asymptotically Achieving the Welch Bound.
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MIPAC: Dynamic Input-Aware Accuracy Control for Dynamic Auto-Tuning of Iterative Approximate Computing.
Proceedings of the ASPDAC '21: 26th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, 2021

LCHR-TSV: Novel Low Cost and Highly Repairable Honeycomb-Based TSV Redundancy Architecture for Clustered Faults.
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A Novel Sparse Representation and Softmax Method for Human Activity Identification in Healthcare Systems.
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Machine learning for identification of surgeries with high risks of cancellation.
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Deep-learning method for data association in particle tracking.
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Head CT Image Convolution Feature Segmentation and Morphological Filtering for Densely Matching Points of IoTs.
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Complex-Valued Pipelined Chebyshev Functional Link Recurrent Neural Network for Joint Compensation of Wideband Transmitter Distortions and Impairments.
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Network Cooperation with Progressive Disambiguation for Partial Label Learning.
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Cost Optimization Estimation of Medical Institutions in Grading Diagnosis and Treatment based on System Dynamics Model.
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Acousto-optic positioning hexapod disaster relief robot.
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Deep Discriminative CNN with Temporal Ensembling for Ambiguously-Labeled Image Classification.
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Assessing the Mass Sensitivity for Different Electrode Materials Commonly Used in Quartz Crystal Microbalances (QCMs).
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Evaluating the Effects of Image Texture Analysis on Plastic Greenhouse Segments via Recognition of the OSI-USI-ETA-CEI Pattern.
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Aggregating Large-Scale Generalized Energy Storages to Participate in Energy Market and Regulation Market.
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Plug-in electric vehicle charging management via a distributed neurodynamic algorithm.
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An Accurate Three-Input Nonlinear Model for Joint Compensation of Frequency-Dependent I/Q Imbalance and Power Amplifier Distortion.
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Combining LSTM and DenseNet for Automatic Annotation and Classification of Chest X-Ray Images.
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A Novel Built-In Self-Repair Scheme for 3D Memory.
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An Annotation Model on End-to-End Chest Radiology Reports.
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Stacked Denoising Extreme Learning Machine Autoencoder Based on Graph Embedding for Feature Representation.
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Discovering and Understanding the Security Hazards in the Interactions between IoT Devices, Mobile Apps, and Clouds on Smart Home Platforms.
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FIoT: Detecting the Memory Corruption in Lightweight IoT Device Firmware.
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Segmentation of Venous Vessel in MRI using Transferred Convolutional Neural Network.
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Facilitating Data Association In Particle Tracking Using Autoencoding And Score Matching.
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Cost Optimization Estimation of Medical Institutions in the Hierarchical Medical System Based on System Dynamics Model.
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Identifying Privilege Separation Vulnerabilities in IoT Firmware with Symbolic Execution.
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Study for NOR Flash cell burn out failure improvement in the advanced node below 65nm.
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A pn-Coupled Superjunction IGBT for High Switching Speed.
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Performance Enhancement of Interdigital Electrode-Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal (IDE-PQC) Salt Concentration Sensor by Increasing the Electrode Area of Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal (PQC).
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A projection neural network for optimal demand response in smart grid environment.
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The first MICCAI challenge on PET tumor segmentation.
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Accountable mobile E-commerce scheme in intelligent cloud system transactions.
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Unmanned Aerial Patrol Technology Based on Tracking Algorithm of Target Tracking.
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Compressive sensing-based adaptive sparse predistorter design for power amplifier linearization.
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Phantom Device Attack: Uncovering the Security Implications of the Interactions among Devices, IoT Cloud, and Mobile Apps.
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Market-based Control of Air-Conditioning Loads with Switching Constraints for Providing Ancillary Services.
CoRR, 2018

A Novel Method for Economic Dispatch with Across Neighborhood Search: A Case Study in a Provincial Power Grid, China.
Complex., 2018

Consensus Path-following Control of Multiple Underactuated Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.
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Design of High Efficiency Broadband Continuous Class-F Power Amplifier Using Real Frequency Technique With Finite Transmission Zero.
IEEE Access, 2018

A Precise Harmonic Control Technique for High Efficiency Concurrent Dual-Band Continuous Class-F Power Amplifier.
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Unsupervised Transformation Network Based on GANs for Target-Domain Oriented Image Translation.
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Changing against tone merging trends in community? The case of C. Y. Leung.
Proceedings of the 32nd Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation, 2018

Demonstration of Ultra-high-resolution Photonics-based Kaband Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging.
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Deep neural networks for data association in particle tracking.
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Real-time Detection of Passive Backdoor Behaviors on Android System.
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Convolutional Neural Network with Element-wise Filters to Extract Hierarchical Topological Features for Brain Networks.
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A High Reliability FPGA Chip Identification Generator Based on PDLs.
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Unsupervised Transformation Network Based on GANs for Target-Domain Oriented Multi-domain Image Translation.
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Optimal Resource Allocation in Distributed Broadband Wireless Communication Systems.
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A Simple Two-stage Equalizer With Simplified Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation Over Rapidly Time-varying Channels.
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Guided, stochastic model-based GUI testing of Android apps.
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Multi-dimensional Meanings of Subjective Adverbs - Case Study of Mandarin Chinese Adverb Pianpian.
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An Android Vulnerability Detection System.
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Automatic extraction of building elevation contours based on LIDAR data.
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Simulating Biological Complexity through Artificial Evolution.
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Insula Functional Parcellation from FMRI Data via Improved Artificial Bee-Colony Clustering.
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Modeling and Optimization of the Drug Extraction Production Process.
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Strain Sensing Sheets for Structural Health Monitoring Based on Large-Area Electronics and Integrated Circuits.
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Agile frequency-hopping microwave waveform generation by a semiconductor laser subject to optical injection.
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Cloud Learning Community of Engineering Drawing.
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A Review of Corpus-based Statistical Models of Language Variation.
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Mechanical Turk-based Experiment vs Laboratory-based Experiment: A Case Study on the Comparison of Semantic Transparency Rating Data.
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Perceptual confusability of Mandarin sounds, tones and syllables.
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Create a Manual Chinese Word Segmentation Dataset Using Crowdsourcing Method.
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Quantum discord of ensemble of quantum states.
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On improving behavior subtraction.
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Predicting the Use of BA construction in Mandarin Chinese Discourse: A ModelingStudy with Two Verbs.
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Revised depth map estimation for multi-view stereo.
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Building a Semantic Transparency Dataset of Chinese Nominal Compounds: A Practice of Crowdsourcing Methodology.
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Exploring Mental Lexicon in an Efficient and Economic Way: Crowdsourcing Method for Linguistic Experiments.
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Evaluation Scheme for Traffic Classification Systems.
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A stepwise cluster analysis approach for downscaled climate projection - A Canadian case study.
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Using novel bio-inspired principles to improve adaptability of evolutionary robots in dynamically changing environments.
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