Licheng Wu

According to our database1, Licheng Wu authored at least 29 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Controllability of discrete-time multi-agent systems based on absolute protocol with time-delays.
Neurocomputing, 2020

An open speech resource for Tibetan multi-dialect and multitask recognition.
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On the Group Controllability of Leader-Based Continuous-Time Multiagent Systems.
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A New Perspective to Algebraic Characterization on Controllability of Multiagent Systems.
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Group Controllability of Discrete-Time Time-Delayed Multiagent Systems with Multiple Leaders.
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Hybrid Online and Offline Reinforcement Learning for Tibetan Jiu Chess.
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WaveNet With Cross-Attention for Audiovisual Speech Recognition.
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A Modification of UCT Algorithm for WTN-EinStein würfelt nicht! Game.
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On the Observability of Leader-Based Multiagent Systems with Fixed Topology.
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End-to-End-Based Tibetan Multitask Speech Recognition.
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Lhasa-Tibetan Speech Synthesis Using End-to-End Model.
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A Middle Game Search Algorithm Applicable to Low-Cost Personal Computer for Go.
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A Reinforcement Learning Model Based on Temporal Difference Algorithm.
IEEE Access, 2019

Improved Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine: A New Intelligent Evaluation Method for AZ-Style Algorithms.
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Inheritance and Protection Strategies for Tibetan Folk Chess Under the Background of "Internet+".
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Strategy research based on chess shapes for Tibetan JIU computer game.
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Review of Small Data Learning Methods.
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Phone recognition for Lhasa-Tibetan based on articulatory features augmentation learning.
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Study and Construction for the Compressed Sensing Measurement Matrix Which is Easy to Hardware Implementation.
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