Liejun Wang

According to our database1, Liejun Wang authored at least 52 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Boosting Single Image Super-Resolution Learnt From Implicit Multi-Image Prior.
IEEE Trans. Image Process., 2021

Efficient attention based deep fusion CNN for smoke detection in fog environment.
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Graph-based recommendation by trust.
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Vehicle theft recognition from surveillance video based on spatiotemporal attention.
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Efficient Attention Fusion Network in Wavelet Domain for Demoireing.
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Multi-Feature Fusion Target Re-Location Tracking Based on Correlation Filters.
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User Embedding for Rating Prediction in SVD++-Based Collaborative Filtering.
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A Low-Rank Tensor Factorization Using Implicit Similarity in Trust Relationships.
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Generative Adversarial Network-Based Super-Resolution Considering Quantitative and Perceptual Quality.
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Unsupervised Hashing with Gradient Attention.
Symmetry, 2020

A Privacy-Protected Image Retrieval Scheme for Fast and Secure Image Search.
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Metric Factorization with Item Cooccurrence for Recommendation.
Symmetry, 2020

A Selective Video Encryption Scheme Based on Coding Characteristics.
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A Key Management Scheme Based on Pairing-Free Identity Based Digital Signature Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.
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A key management scheme realising location privacy protection for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks.
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Video encryption scheme using hybrid encryption technology.
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An algorithm of decomposition and combinatorial optimisation based on 3-Otsu.
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Asymmetric convolution with densely connected networks.
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Micro-Blog Sentiment Classification Method Based on the Personality and Bagging Algorithm.
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Deep Semantic-Preserving Reconstruction Hashing for Unsupervised Cross-Modal Retrieval.
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Revenue and Energy Efficiency-Driven Delay Constrained Computing Task Offloading and Resource Allocation in a Vehicular Edge Computing Network: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach.
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Towards 5G: Joint Optimization of Video Segment Cache, Transcoding and Resource Allocation for Adaptive Video Streaming in a Muti-access Edge Computing Network.
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SAR Image Change Detection Based on Data Optimization and Self-Supervised Learning.
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A Novel Wireless Network Intrusion Detection Method Based on Adaptive Synthetic Sampling and an Improved Convolutional Neural Network.
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A Discriminative Person Re-Identification Model With Global-Local Attention and Adaptive Weighted Rank List Loss.
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Cross-database Micro Expression Recognition Based on Apex Frame Optical Flow and Multi-head Self-attention.
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Combine availability with user preferences for efficient WSC.
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A novel deep hashing method for fast image retrieval.
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A personalised recommendation algorithm based on probabilistic neural networks.
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An item recommendation model with content semantic.
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Motion image restoration based on sparse representation and guided filter.
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A security-enhanced mutual authentication scheme with privacy protected in wireless sensor networks.
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No projection in the residual network.
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Visual Tracking Based on Siamese Network of Fused Score Map.
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Histopathological Image Retrieval Based on Asymmetric Residual Hash and DNA Coding.
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An Adaptive and Asymmetric Residual Hash for Fast Image Retrieval.
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Joint Source and Channel Rate Allocation over Noisy Channels in a Vehicle Tracking Multimedia Internet of Things System.
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Mining near duplicate image groups.
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Method to Enhance Degraded Image in Dust Environment.
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A Bloom Filter and Matrix-based Protocol for Detecting Node Replication Attack.
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Color Edge Detection by Using the Centerline Extraction Method.
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An enhanced multiphase Chan-Vese model for the remote sensing image segmentation.
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The remote sensing image enhancement based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform and unsharp masking.
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A new approach of image enhancement based on improved fuzzy domain algorithm.
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Personalized tag recommendation for Flickr users.
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Face detection algorithm based on hybrid Monte Carlo method and Bayesian support vector machine.
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A Novel Key Scheme Based on QR Decomposition for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Multi-scale image segmentation algorithm based on support vector machine approximation criteria.
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Multiuser MIMO OFDM Based TDD/TDMA for Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems.
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