Xiaofeng Zhang

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PlaqueNet: deep learning enabled coronary artery plaque segmentation from coronary computed tomography angiography.
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MuralDiff: Diffusion for Ancient Murals Restoration on Large-Scale Pre-Training.
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Retinexmamba: Retinex-based Mamba for Low-light Image Enhancement.
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Wavelet-Decoupling Contrastive Enhancement Network for Fine-Grained Skeleton-Based Action Recognition.
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VDPC: Variational density peak clustering algorithm.
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Topic identification of text-based expert stock comments using multi-level information fusion.
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Building Lane-Level Maps from Aerial Images.
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A Dual Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection.
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Causal-Story: Local Causal Attention Utilizing Parameter-Efficient Tuning For Visual Story Synthesis.
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Weakly supervised learning for pattern classification in serial femtosecond crystallography.
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Improving Depth Gradient Continuity in Transformers: A Comparative Study on Monocular Depth Estimation with CNN.
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FinVis-GPT: A Multimodal Large Language Model for Financial Chart Analysis.
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An Effective Data Creation Pipeline to Generate High-quality Financial Instruction Data for Large Language Model.
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BrickPal: Augmented Reality-based Assembly Instructions for Brick Models.
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SAM-helps-Shadow: When Segment Anything Model meet shadow removal.
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Restoration of Dunhuang Murals on Large-scale pretraining.
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SDC: Spatial Depth Completion for Outdoor Scenes.
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Research on the Dual Modulation of All-Fiber Optic Current Sensor.
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DCRS: a deep contrast reciprocal recommender system to simultaneously capture user interest and attractiveness for online dating.
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AFFNet: Attention Mechanism Network Based on Fusion Feature for Image Cloud Removal.
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A Fully Integrated System-on-Chip Design with Scalable Resistive Random-Access Memory Tile Design for Analog in-Memory Computing.
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Development of a Low-Speed High-Efficiency PMSM and Its Drive System for Electric Windlass and Mooring Winch.
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AG-Net: An Advanced General CNN Model for Steganalysis.
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A Novel Tent-Levy Fireworks Algorithm for the UAV Task Allocation Problem Under Uncertain Environment.
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Research on the Equalization Level of Public Services Under Urban-Rural Integration Development in Heilongjiang Province Based on Empirical Data Analysis.
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Investigating the metabolic landscape alterations in poplar cells induced by carbon and nitrogen deficiency via improved 13C metabolic flux analysis methodology.
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