Matthias J. P. van Osch

Orcid: 0000-0001-7034-8959

According to our database1, Matthias J. P. van Osch authored at least 35 papers between 2001 and 2024.

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Model-based super-resolution reconstruction for pseudo-continuous Arterial Spin Labeling.
NeuroImage, February, 2024

Prior-knowledge-informed deep learning for lacune detection and quantification using multi-site brain MRI.
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Accuracy and repeatability of joint sparsity multi-component estimation in MR Fingerprinting.
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Ultra-long-TE arterial spin labeling reveals rapid and brain-wide blood-to-CSF water transport in humans.
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On the ability to exploit signal fluctuations in pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling for inferring the major flow territories from a traditional perfusion scan.
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Partial volume correction in arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI: A method to disentangle anatomy from physiology or an analysis step too far?
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ASL to PET Translation by a Semi-supervised Residual-based Attention-guided Convolutional Neural Network.
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An Adaptive Intelligence Algorithm for Undersampled Knee MRI Reconstruction: Application to the 2019 fastMRI Challenge.
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An Adaptive Intelligence Algorithm for Undersampled Knee MRI Reconstruction.
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Fast Dynamic Perfusion and Angiography Reconstruction Using an End-to-End 3D Convolutional Neural Network.
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Time-efficient determination of spin compartments by time-encoded pCASL T<sub>2</sub>-relaxation-under-spin-tagging and its application in hemodynamic characterization of the cerebral border zones.
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Multi-vendor reliability of arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI using a near-identical sequence: Implications for multi-center studies.
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Ketamine interactions with biomarkers of stress: A randomized placebo-controlled repeated measures resting-state fMRI and PCASL pilot study in healthy men.
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Physiologic underpinnings of negative BOLD cerebrovascular reactivity in brain ventricles.
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The impact of "physiological correction" on functional connectivity analysis of pharmacological resting state fMRI.
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In vivo visualization of the PICA perfusion territory with super-selective pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling MRI.
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Elevated brain iron is independent from atrophy in Huntington's Disease.
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White matter cerebral blood flow is inversely correlated with structural and functional connectivity in the human brain.
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Functional MRI of human hypothalamic responses following glucose ingestion.
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Association between supine cerebral perfusion and symptomatic orthostatic hypotension.
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Probabilistic segmentation of brain tissue in MR imaging.
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