David A. Boas

According to our database1, David A. Boas authored at least 59 papers between 2002 and 2018.

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as-PSOCT: Volumetric microscopic imaging of human brain architecture and connectivity.
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Magnetic resonance fingerprinting based on realistic vasculature in mice.
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On the other hand: Increased cortical activation to human versus mechanical hands in infants.
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Modeling of Cerebral Oxygen Transport Based on In vivo Microscopic Imaging of Microvascular Network Structure, Blood Flow, and Oxygenation.
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The effect of color priming on infant brain and behavior.
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Somatosensory evoked changes in cerebral oxygen consumption measured non-invasively in premature neonates.
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Blockface histology with optical coherence tomography: A comparison with Nissl staining.
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Further improvement in reducing superficial contamination in NIRS using double short separation measurements.
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Probing the early development of visual working memory capacity with functional near-infrared spectroscopy.
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Motion artifacts in functional near-infrared spectroscopy: A comparison of motion correction techniques applied to real cognitive data.
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Functional activation of the infant cortex during object processing.
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Quantification of the cortical contribution to the NIRS signal over the motor cortex using concurrent NIRS-fMRI measurements.
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Short separation channel location impacts the performance of short channel regression in NIRS.
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The utility of near-infrared spectroscopy in the regression of low-frequency physiological noise from functional magnetic resonance imaging data.
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Near-infrared spectroscopy shows right parietal specialization for number in pre-verbal infants.
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Near infrared imaging.
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Depth-resolved optical imaging and microscopy of vascular compartment dynamics during somatosensory stimulation.
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A temporal comparison of BOLD, ASL, and NIRS hemodynamic responses to motor stimuli in adult humans.
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