Shuo Bai

According to our database1, Shuo Bai authored at least 44 papers between 1992 and 2016.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Leveraging Latent Sentiment Constraint in Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science 2016, 2016

RTPMF: Leveraging User and Message Embeddings for Retweeting Behavior Prediction.
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CONR: A Novel Method for Sentiment Word Identification.
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Stock Cloud Computing Platform: Architecture and Prototype Systems.
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Unsupervised Clustering Strategy Based on Label Propagation.
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Dependency Expansion Model for Sentiment Lexicon Extraction.
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Paxos-Based Memory Data Replication in Stock Trading System.
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Financial information processing and development of emerging financial markets.
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Introducing global scaling parameters into Ncut.
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Identifying vulgar content in eMule network through text classification.
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Improving the routing performance of KAD through social network analysis.
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Financial information processing.
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A Clustering Framework Based on Adaptive Space Mapping and Rescaling.
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A Effective Algorithm for Counting Active Flows Based on Loop Bloom Filter.
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Blog Post and Comment Extraction Using Information Quantity of Web Format.
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Experiments in TREC 2004 Novelty Track at CAS-ICT.
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A Re-examination of IR Techniques in QA System.
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Chinese Named Entity Recognition Using Role Model.

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SainSE: An Intelligent Search Engine Based on WWW Structure Analysis.
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An Algorithm for Self-Learning and Self-Completing Fuzzy Control Rules.
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Emergent Collective Computational Abilities in Interacting Particle Systems.
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A Calculus for Logical Clustering.
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A Framework for Automatic Problem Decomposition in Planning.
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Reasoning by Argueing: A Game-Theoretic Approach.
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