Ting Zou

According to our database1, Ting Zou authored at least 14 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Shows Distinct Functional Connectivity Patterns in Different Thalamic Nuclei.
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Strategies Memorizing More Rounds May Promote the Emergence of Cooperation in Stochastic Games.
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SVM-based image partitioning for vision recognition of AGV guide paths under complex illumination conditions.
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A New Image Classification Approach via Improved MobileNet Models with Local Receptive Field Expansion in Shallow Layers.
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Trajectory Planning With Lamé-Curve Blending for Motor-Saturation Avoidance Upon Mobile-Robot Turning.
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Backstepping Trajectory Tracking Based on Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Differential Mobile Robots.
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A Mathematical Model of Multispeed Transmissions in Electric Vehicles in the Presence of Gear Shifting.
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Attention redistribution and segment-tone integration in Mandarin tone acquisition by L2 learners.
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Improve Japanese C2L learners' capability to distinguish Chinese tone 2 and tone 3 through perceptual training.
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A comparative study of perception of tone 2 and tone 3 in Mandarin by native speakers and Japanese learners.
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Preliminary investigation on a fibrous assembly degradable ureteral stent prototype in vitro.
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A MC-GMR Scheduler for Shared Data Channel in 3GPP LTE System.
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