Weijia Zhang

According to our database1, Weijia Zhang authored at least 22 papers between 2013 and 2021.

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A general framework for causal classification.
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Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Recommendation Based on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.
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A unified survey on treatment effect heterogeneity modeling and uplift modeling.
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Treatment effect estimation with disentangled latent factors.
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MONET: a toolbox integrating top-performing methods for network modularization.
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Distributionally Robust Multi-instance Learning with Stable Instances.
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Generating Adversarial Examples in One Shot With Image-to-Image Translation GAN.
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The Method for Measuring the Non-Orthogonal Angle of the Magnetic Field Coils of a K-Rb-<sup>21</sup>Ne Co-Magnetometer.
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Analysis on the Magnetic Field Response for Nuclear Spin Co-Magnetometer Operated in Spin-Exchange Relaxation-Free Regime.
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