Xiaoyu He

According to our database1, Xiaoyu He authored at least 33 papers between 1993 and 2020.

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One-step Kernel Multi-view Subspace Clustering.
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Simplified clustering and improved intercluster cooperation approach for wireless sensor network energy balanced routing.
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Multicolor Ramsey Numbers via Pseudorandom Graphs.
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Exploiting the Trust Between Boundaries: Discovering Memory Corruptions in Printers via Driver-Assisted Testing.
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An Evolution Path-Based Reproduction Operator for Many-Objective Optimization.
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The Application of Deep Learning in the Risk Grading of Skin Tumors for Patients Using Clinical Images.
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A proof of Tomescu's graph coloring conjecture.
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Distributed and personalised social network privacy protection.
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How Big Data and High-performance Computing Drive Brain Science.
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An upper bound for the restricted online Ramsey number.
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Many-objective evolutionary algorithm based on adaptive weighted decomposition.
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Handling expensive multi-objective optimization problems with a cluster-based neighborhood regression model.
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A set of new multi- and many-objective test problems for continuous optimization and a comprehensive experimental evaluation.
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Studies on Different CNN Algorithms for Face Skin Disease Classification Based on Clinical Images.
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Virtual Network Function Migration Based on Dynamic Resource Requirements Prediction.
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ARMA-Prediction-Based Online Adaptive Dynamic Resource Allocation in Wireless Virtualized Network.
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XiangyaDerm: A Clinical Image Dataset of Asian Race for Skin Disease Aided Diagnosis.
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A Restart-based Rank-1 Evolution Strategy for Reinforcement Learning.
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A Mutation Approach of Detecting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.
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Geometric Progression-Free Sequences with Small Gaps II.
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Zero-sum subsequences of length kq over finite abelian p-groups.
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Cad-based off-line planning for active vision.
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