Xuefei Li

According to our database1, Xuefei Li authored at least 39 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Trajectory Data Driven V2V/V2I Mode Switching and Bandwidth Allocation for Vehicle Networks.
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Robust correlation filter tracking with multi-scale spatial view.
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Face alignment by Component Adaptive Mechanism.
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Improving neural protein-protein interaction extraction with knowledge selection.
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SSSER: Spatiotemporal Sequential and Social Embedding Rank for Successive Point-of-Interest Recommendation.
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Modeling and Verification of Route Protection for Train-centric Train Control System.
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Research on Optimization of Export Operation Process of CHINA RAILWAY Express in Central Container Station Based on Petri Net - from a Perspective of Sustainability.
Proceedings of the ICITEE-2019: 2nd International Conference on Information Technologies and Electrical Engineering, 2019

Protein/Gene Entity Recognition and Normalization with Domain Knowledge and Local Context.
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DUT-NLP at MEDIQA 2019: An Adversarial Multi-Task Network to Jointly Model Recognizing Question Entailment and Question Answering.
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In Method We Trust: Towards an Open Method Kit for Characterizing Spot Cloud Service Pricing.
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Structure-preserving texture filtering for adaptive image smoothing.
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A personalized point-of-interest recommendation model via fusion of geo-social information.
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STSCR: Exploring spatial-temporal sequential influence and social information for location recommendation.
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Ranking weighted clustering coefficient in large dynamic graphs.
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Development of two-dimensional materials for electronic applications.
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Performance Analysis of PaaS Cloud Resources Management Model Based on LXC.
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The Detecting Method of Building Deformation Based on Terrestrial Laser Point Cloud.
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Social event identification and ranking on flickr.
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What are Popular: Exploring Twitter Features for Event Detection, Tracking and Visualization.
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Multi-Output Regression with Tag Correlation Analysis for Effective Image Tagging.
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Spatio-temporal Event Modeling and Ranking.
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A Study on Airborne Software Safety Requirements Patterns.
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An algorithm for extracting skeletons of 3D scanned human body models.
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An extensible soil productive potentialities assessment management system based on the MEF.
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Continuous reverse k nearest neighbors queries in Euclidean space and in spatial networks.
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ASAP : Towards Accurate, Stable and Accelerative Penetrating-Rank Estimation on Large Graphs.
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