Yuichi Saito

According to our database1, Yuichi Saito authored at least 25 papers between 1990 and 2020.

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Effects of Driver Drowsiness on Driving Performance in the Context of Partial Driving Automation Requiring Hands-on-Wheel.
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Conflicts in Human-Machine Systems as an Intersection of Bio- and Technosphere: Cooperation and Interaction Patterns for Human and Machine Interference and Conflict Resolution.
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Effect of risk-predictive haptic guidance in one-pedal driving mode.
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Preliminary experiments about following distance for obtaining benefit under some conditions.
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A Predictive Search Method of FAQ Corresponding to a User's Incomplete Inquiry by Statistical Model of Important Words Co-occurrence.
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Visualization of Asymmetric Clustering Result with Digraph and Dendrogram.
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The Alpha 21164PC microprocessor.
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