Zhiguang Cao

According to our database1, Zhiguang Cao authored at least 32 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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A Novel Robotic Guidance System With Eye-Gaze Tracking Control for Needle-Based Interventions.
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MIMOA: A membrane-inspired multi-objective algorithm for green vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands.
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Detecting the shuttlecock for a badminton robot: A YOLO based approach.
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Using Reinforcement Learning to Minimize the Probability of Delay Occurrence in Transportation.
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Cost-sensitive deep forest for price prediction.
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Multi-Decoder Attention Model with Embedding Glimpse for Solving Vehicle Routing Problems.
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Learning to Dispatch for Job Shop Scheduling via Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Training Task Allocation in Federated Edge Learning: A Matching-Theoretic Approach.
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AATEAM: Achieving the Ad Hoc Teamwork by Employing the Attention Mechanism.
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WiFi CSI Based Passive Human Activity Recognition Using Attention Based BLSTM.
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A Sampling Approach for Proactive Project Scheduling under Generalized Time-dependent Workability Uncertainty.
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Using FTOC to track shuttlecock for the badminton robot.
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A review on swarm intelligence and evolutionary algorithms for solving flexible job shop scheduling problems.
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