Federico Ponchio

According to our database1, Federico Ponchio authored at least 42 papers between 2002 and 2022.

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On Assisting and Automatizing the Semantic Segmentation of Masonry Walls.
ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 2022

TagLab: AI-assisted annotation for the fast and accurate semantic segmentation of coral reef orthoimages.
J. Field Robotics, 2022

Ebb & Flow: Uncovering Costantino Nivola's Olivetti Sandcast through 3D Fabrication and Virtual Exploration.
Proceedings of the GCH 2022, 2022

Streaming 3D Content.
Proceedings of the FRAME@HPDC 2022: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Flexible Resource and Application Management on the Edge, 2022

TagLab: A human-centric AI system for interactive semantic segmentation.
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Neural reflectance transformation imaging.
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Real-World Textured Things: a Repository of Textured Models Generated with Modern Photo-Reconstruction Tools.
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Effective Annotations Over 3D Models.
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ReviewerNet: A visualization platform for the selection of academic reviewers.
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<i>Real-World Textured Things</i>: A repository of textured models generated with modern photo-reconstruction tools.
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Another Brick in the Wall: Improving the Assisted Semantic Segmentation of Masonry Walls.
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RELIGHT: A compact and accurate RTI representation for the web.
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Image Sets Compression Via Patch Redundancy.
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A Visualization Tool for Scholarly Data.
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Heterotoki: non-structured and heterogeneous terminology alignment for Digital Humanities data producers.
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SpiderGL: a JavaScript 3D graphics library for next-generation WWW.
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Multiresolution structures for interactive visualization of very large 3D datasets.
PhD thesis, 2009

Image-to-Geometry Registration: a Mutual Information Method exploiting Illumination-related Geometric Properties.
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Interactive Rendering of Dynamic Geometry.
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