Kai Hormann

According to our database1, Kai Hormann authored at least 64 papers between 1998 and 2018.

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Efficient Path Generation with Reduced Coordinates.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2018

Symmetric four-directional bivariate pseudo-spline symbols.
Computer Aided Geometric Design, 2018

Path planning with divergence-based distance functions.
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Reconstruction of a function from Hermite-Birkhoff data.
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Practical Distance Functions for Path-Planning in Planar Domains.
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Path Planning with Divergence-Based Distance Functions.
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Discretizing Wachspress kernels is safe.
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Blended barycentric coordinates.
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Creating light atlases with multi-bounce indirect illumination.
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Pyramid algorithms for barycentric rational interpolation.
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Subdividing barycentric coordinates.
Computer Aided Geometric Design, 2016

Smooth bijective maps between arbitrary planar polygons.
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Univariate subdivision schemes for noisy data with geometric applications.
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Perception-driven adaptive compression of static triangle meshes.
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Solid and Physical Modeling 2014.
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Curvature-based blending of closed planar curves.
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Recent trends in theoretical and applied geometry.
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On the norms of the Dubuc-Deslauriers subdivision schemes.
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Generalized Lane-Riesenfeld algorithms.
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On the Lebesgue constant of barycentric rational interpolation at equidistant nodes.
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Motion-based mesh segmentation using augmented silhouettes.
Graphical Models, 2012

Graphical Models, 2012

A continuous, editable representation for deforming mesh sequences with separate signals for time, pose and shape.
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Hardware Accelerated 3D Mesh Painting.
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A Hybrid GPU Rendering Pipeline for Alias-Free Hard Shadows.
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Mesh parameterization: theory and practice Video files associated with this course are available from the citation page.
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A quadrilateral rendering primitive.
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