Hong Lei

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According to our database1, Hong Lei authored at least 63 papers between 2001 and 2024.

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Traceable ring signature schemes based on SM2 digital signature algorithm and its applications in the data sharing scheme.
Frontiers Comput. Sci., April, 2024

Quantum sealed-bid auction protocol with post-confirmation based on blind signature.
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DeCloak: Enable Secure and Cheap Multi-Party Transactions on Legacy Blockchains by a Minimally Trusted TEE Network.
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PACTA: An IoT Data Privacy Regulation Compliance Scheme Using TEE and Blockchain.
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One IOTA of Countless Legions: A Next-Generation Botnet Premises Design Substrated on Blockchain and Internet of Things.
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The Influence of Department Stores' Price Promotion Strategy Toward Consumers' Repurchase Intentions: A Moderation Model of Perceived Risks.
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Iterative Training Attack: A Black-Box Adversarial Attack via Perturbation Generative Network.
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An Improved Calculation Method of Coil Offset on the Large-Caliber Magnetic Field Immunity Testing System for ITER.
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OWL: A data sharing scheme with controllable anonymity and integrity for group users.
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Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Multiscale Deformable CNN and DenseCRF.
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Query-Efficient Generation of Adversarial Examples for Defensive DNNs via Multiobjective Optimization.
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Enveloping grasp planning of a three-fingered deployable metamorphic robotic grasper.
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SrNFT: Simple Restricted Non-Fungible Token Framework for Transactions With Risk Detection.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain, 2023

A cross-chain identity authentication scheme based on DID.
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SorTEE: Service-Oriented Routing for Payment Channel Networks With Scalability and Privacy Protection.
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Pilot Study for Correlation of Heart Rate Variability and Dopamine Transporter Brain Imaging in Patients with Parkinsonian Syndrome.
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Remote Sensing Scene Image Classification Based on mmsCNN-HMM with Stacking Ensemble Model.
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Wideband DOA Estimation Based on Deep Residual Learning With Lyapunov Stability Analysis.
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Optimal coil configuration analysis for the high-uniformity and large-caliber magnetic field immunity testing system.
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Correction to: Active sensing in a dynamic olfactory world.
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Active sensing in a dynamic olfactory world.
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Understanding digit-only financial account passwords: ID card, structure, and security.
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TENET: Towards Self-sovereign and Fair Multi-party Computation Ecology Empowered by Decentralized TEE Network.
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DLD: An Optimized Chinese Speech Recognition Model Based on Deep Learning.
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Traceable Ring Signature Schemes Based on SM2 Digital Signature Algorithm and Its Applications in the Evidence-Storage System.
Proceedings of the Blockchain and Trustworthy Systems - 4th International Conference, 2022

A Survey on Safety Regulation Technology of Blockchain Application and Blockchain Ecology.
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Decentralized and Self-Sovereign Identity in the Era of Blockchain: A Survey.
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Multiscale Convolutional Neural Networks for Geospatial Object Detection in VHR Satellite Images.
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Solving Logistics Distribution Center Location with Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm.
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Demo: Cloak: A Framework For Development of Confidential Blockchain Smart Contracts.
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A physically realizable backdoor attack on 3D point cloud deep learning: work-in-progress.
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The Failure Case of Phase Transition for Penalized Problems in Corrupted Sensing.
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A-CRNN-Based Method for Coherent DOA Estimation with Unknown Source Number.
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SDSBT: A Secure Multi-party Data Sharing Platform Based on Blockchain and TEE.
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A Survey on the Application of SGX in Blockchain Area.
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