Ming Huang

According to our database1, Ming Huang authored at least 52 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Modeling cancer clinical trials using HL7 FHIR to support downstream applications: A case study with colorectal cancer data.
Int. J. Medical Informatics, 2021

Drug-target prediction utilizing heterogeneous bio-linked network embeddings.
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Integration of Constructive Solid Geometry and Boundary Representation (CSG-BRep) for 3D Modeling of Underground Cable Wells from Point Clouds.
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Fractional stochastic resonance multi-parameter adaptive optimization algorithm based on genetic algorithm.
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A Precise-Integration Time-Domain Formulation Based on Auxiliary Differential Equation for Transient Propagation in Plasma.
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A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm With Adaptive Inertia Weight for Solving Multiobjective Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problem.
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On-chip integration of ultra-thin glass cantilever for physical property measurement activated by femtosecond laser impulse.
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Developing a Data Model for Patient Secure Messages Leveraging FHIR.
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Modified Modular Multilevel Converter to Reduce Submodule Capacitor Voltage Ripples Without Common-Mode Voltage Injected.
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Surfaces of Revolution (SORs) Reconstruction Using a Self-Adaptive Generatrix Line Extraction Method from Point Clouds.
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An Efficient Encoding Voxel-Based Segmentation (EVBS) Algorithm Based on Fast Adjacent Voxel Search for Point Cloud Plane Segmentation.
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Supervised representation learning for multi-label classification.
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Robust optimization for a nonlinear switched time-delay system with noisy output measurements using hybrid optimization algorithm.
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A personal local area information interaction system based on NFC and Bluetooth technology.
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An Improved Genetic Algorithm with Adaptive Variable Neighborhood Search for FJSP.
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A Dynamic Price Inference Approach HIVE BOX.
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Dynamic Monitoring and Vibration Analysis of Ancient Bridges by Ground-Based Microwave Interferometry and the ESMD Method.
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Correction to: A space decomposition scheme for maximum eigenvalue functions and its applications.
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Flexible job shop scheduling based on improved hybrid immune algorithm.
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Data-driven bearing fault identification using improved hidden Markov model and self-organizing map.
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Design of Multimodal Biometric Information Management System Based on Commercial Systems.
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TeslaML: Steering Machine Learning Automatically in Tencent.
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An online gain tuning proxy-based sliding mode control using neural network for a gait training robotic orthosis.
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Urban Anomalous Events Analysis Based on Bayes Probabilistic Model from Mobile Phone Records.
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Current status and framework of China's inland passenger ship safety system.
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Diversified learning for continuous hidden Markov models with application to fault diagnosis.
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An Effective Method to Solve Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Based on Cloud Model.
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Some Improvements for More Precise Model Checking.
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